I Go To The Rock

Hi friends,

We are still here…plodding along. :) 

Our weekend was uneventful, if you can call the Lord's daily provision "uneventful".  He has continued to meet every need for every moment throughout our present trial.  We are grateful and amazed to watch His hand at work.

By Friday evening, I was able to stand for short moments; and by Sunday evening, I was able to walk the few steps to our bathroom, unassisted.  That was, in fact, so exciting, that I felt it necessary to text people about it!  I know!  But, remember, I had been unable to do that since the Sunday evening before!  An entire week!  So, yeah, I was pretty pumped!  We chanted the "Rocky" theme when I got back to the bedroom!  LOL 😀

My husband has continued to amaze me every day.  Isaac has been amazing, as well.  The first few days, Doug would just stop in front of my door, as he carried Isaac by, to say "hi" to me.  Then one day, when I could stand the movement, he brought him in and sat on the bed with him.  He started just chattering away at me, including his "I wuv ummmm" which is of course, "I love you."  So sweet.  He also waved at me several times.  I know I'd been missing him, but was surprised and delighted to know that he was missing me too.

Someone is purchasing a wheelchair for me.  They are bringing it tomorrow.  I had set out to simply borrow one, but we couldn't find anything available.  So the good Lord met the need in another way – having someone hear about the need and offer to buy one.  I am so grateful for this.  I just don't even have words to express it.  I will be able to get to the chiropractor and to my doctor because of this chair.  I will also be able to move around the house more, and help with things here when I can stand to sit for longer periods of time.

Doug's boss has once again proven to be incredibly generous and flexible.  Doug is now working nights at the print shop.  He can get his work done during those hours that Isaac is asleep, so that I can be here alone with him.  If Isaac wakes up, Doug is just a few minutes away.  I can tell he really missed work last week, and is glad to be back in some semblance of a routine.  So, if you plan to call us, please call after 9:30 a.m.  We'll all be asleep until then.

I am still in considerable pain at times.  I am learning to avoid certain positions that trigger the worst of it.  I am weaning off the pain meds, which is a blessing.  I was constantly aware of the dangers of addiction, and wanted to avoid that at all costs.  I know it is the power of prayer that has brought me thus far in my recovery, and I'll trust the timing of coming of the meds to the Lord as well.  So far, it is going just fine.


THANK YOU so much for all of your prayers on my behalf.  I am just amazed at how the Lord honors the prayers of His people.  Doug and I have had almost constant peace throughout this ordeal.  I only had one day that I had to fight off the anxiety attacks, but even then He was so faithful to give me a song that someone posted as their status on FaceBook that echoed in my head through that whole day.  The song:  "I Go to the Rock"  How perfect was that?!!

Well, I will go for now.  I'm praying you have a peaceful evening (or morning – for you Laura!) 🙂



3 thoughts on “I Go To The Rock

  1. Praise God! I am so glad to hear you are doing better, Alesha.
    I’ve been enjoying (<- not quite the word I'm looking for, but too tired to think of another :-)being able to keep up with how you are doing. Keep on blogging!


  2. So glad you are doing better. Praying that you will continue to heal. What a blessing the wheelchair will be. Hang in there girl friend!!


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