Counting Blessings

I spent some time yesterday getting "pushed around" by my husband.  LOL!  (Thought you'd appreciate that, Hannah!) :)  He took me to the chiropractor in my new chair. 🙂

The chiro seems to think I have "facet joint syndrome".  Just click on the name to go to a site that explains it fairly well.  To be honest, I was quite fearful that it would be something more serious.  It certainly feels very serious!  So this diagnosis, although unpredictable, is better than something that would require surgery.

I did feel some immediately relief after the adjustment.  Although, after sitting for any length of time, the pain comes back with a vengeance.  I keep doing a little bit more each day.  "Slow and steady wins the race!" like the hare and the tortoise taught us. 😉

I'm feeling a little bit sorry for myself that I'm going to miss church again.  And please don't tell my pastors, but I miss the choir the most!  ;)  We are already practicing for our Christmas cantata, and I love that so much!  Also our choir is always learning new songs, so I miss out on those as well, and feel like I'm getting behind.  I do enjoy watching them on the web site, though.  It's fun to "see" your choir perform, rather than just hearing it.

I was quite pleased my how comfy my chair performed yesterday, although it did feel peculiar to be rolling around at everyone's waist level.  It's funny how much difference a foot or two can make in your perspective of things.  Now I know why they tell new parents to crawl around their house on hands and knees to view how their baby will see the world, so they know how to "childproof" their home more effectively.  Thankfully, I was not quiiiiiite down on that level!!! lol!

Can I just say again how wonderful my husband has been through all of this?  He is managing Isaac's care without a hitch.  Remember he was home with him full time for a year or so, so he does really great with all of the things required to keep Isaac happy and healthy. 

Of course, Isaac is older now, and we live in a different house, so some things are different.  His taste in videos has changed and he loves to have his curtains opened so that he can see out; but most things remain the same: feeds, meds, clothes changes…and lots of TLC!

Doug is also caring for me extremely well.  He has a real servant's heart and seems to thrive while meeting the needs of others.  I do not have one complaint about his care for me these past two weeks.  I have not gone without anything that I needed or wanted.  He has done all the laundry, cleaning, and meals as well. 

(Well, to be entirely accurate, I must say that Grammy did come over to visit the other day, and ended up dusting before she left.  Moms always seem to know what little thing might just make your day a little brighter!  She also sent over a few pieces of Jalapeno Cornbread last week. Yummo!!!)

I have felt so loved and cared for by my entire family (and my friends) for the past 2 weeks.  I am such a blessed, blessed woman!

I pray you feel loved and blessed today.  Even if you are alone, and in dire circumstances, please know that you are loved by God, and that He is right there with you.  Remember too, that no matter how hard things may seem, they could be worse!  So we need to count the blessing of this present difficulty.  God has protected us from many other things, and we should praise Him for that.

May God bless you this day,


7 thoughts on “Counting Blessings

  1. I sure have been missing you at church! 😦 BUT, praise the Lord for live streaming. 😉 Continuing to pray for your complete healing and the grace needed for each new day.


  2. Hi girl! I am so sorry to hear about your pain.. boy, can I ever empathize, Alesha! I am not in the wheelchair so much in the house as the recliner is where I am the most comfy from the pain..but definitely have to be in it when we go out. I can’t walk but a few steps w/o being in bad pain..and standing is the worst.I also hurt badly if I have to sit flat on my bottom with my legs hanging down. The only comfy position is with my back reclning and my legs up..otherwise its pain extraordinaire! UGH!
    I sure hope that this is something the chiropractor can get feeling better and that you will be able to be back on your feet. Its a blessing to have family and husbands that are supportive and caring.. not everyone is so blessed.
    The biggest thing I found hard with the wheelchair ..specially at the first, was when we would go to a store or something like that, and I would get..what I call..’parked’ while everyone else looks down the aisle for something. To me, that was a humbling feeling.. I gradually got used to some of those unusual things!
    I will be praying for you! Keep your chin up and remember that God loves you soo much!!!


  3. Alesha,
    I love reading your blog! Your words are so uplifting and encouraging and your love for the Lord and faith in Him come shining through in such an awesome way!!


  4. Tell Doug he gets a “Well Done” sticker ;o)
    So glad you could get to the chiro and now have some treatment ideas. When one is in pain, the worst options seem to come to mind first, knowing there are other options is such a relief!
    Hugs & prayers that you will soon be out and about more and be able to get to church.


  5. Alesha,
    wow, i am behind in reading my blogs and of course i am reading them backwards. Trust me I can feel the aggrevation. I am so Glad Doug is there for you, and he is doing well with Isaac!. Your last paragraph is one that I need right now especially. You talk of Doug having a servant’s heart but you do too. If you didn’t Doug probably wouldn”t either. Hope you feel better soon. Love and prayers


  6. What on earth did you do to yourself Alesha..been praying for you since two days ago when I caught up on your blog.


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