We have FALL in Florida!  Yay!!!  It has been wonderful to feel the crisp cool air, and to be able to open the windows and have the fresh air circulate inside as well as outside.  It will be in the mid-80s again tomorrow, but that is so much better than the 90s we were having.  You will not hear anyone in our house complaining about the weather at this time of year.  We enjoy it so much! πŸ™‚

I am doing better.  I have been able to care for myself, and even do a few things in the house.  I helped with the dishes a little, and also with the laundry.  I was able to whip up a batch of hummus.  Of course the food processor does all the work for that!  I just stand there and drop stuff in!

I was able to go to the services yesterday.  I attended the morning service for just the preaching hour, then last night, I went to choir practice and stayed for the service, too.  I took "Chairy" with me, and sat in the back in cushioned comfort. :) 

I am still having considerable pain at times, like today.  (I guess yesterday was just more sitting than I was ready for.)  I have found that walking does help the pain.  Doug, Isaac and I have been walking each evening for about 30 minutes.  I've been pushing my wheelchair while I walk, and then if I am in too much pain, I just sit down and wheel myself.  I know that's good for my upper body which is needing to be toned up any way, due to my recent weight loss.

I am not helping to care for Isaac yet.  (Well, I do comb his hair!  Some things Daddy just needs Mommy's help to do!)  I did change one diaper one night while Doug was at work.  It was only a wet diaper, and I did not need to adjust Isaac at all.  He helped me to roll from side to side, and I did not need to lift any part of him.  I was very careful and have only done it the one time.  It saved Doug a trip home from work, which is helpful to him.

You know, I know that not everyone understands what's going on with me; and sometimes they pass judgment on me.  They don't understand why I would do one activity, and not another.  They can't understand why Doug is continuing to work nights, or why I am so "helpless" at home.

The bottom line is that I am just trying to do things that will not hurt me.  Once you have been in the place that every movement caused severe pain, you find that you are loathe to be in that position again.  So, as I gain confidence, I have moved forward.  (I could write an entire blog about "fear"!  What a powerful emotion, and one that I have not had to deal with on such a level before.)

So, if there are some that don't understand our choices at this point, I sincerely pray that they do not ever have to experience my situation in order to understand it.  I would not wish any of this on my worst enemy! πŸ™‚

The folks at Doug's work, and in my church, have been so kind and merciful to us.  I am grateful for people who live out Christ's attitude of compassion.  Their sweet spirits have been refreshing to our own spirits while we have been sojourning in the valley.

Isaac is doing well.  He had a spate of seizures last week.  We always hate to see him struggle with them.  We had to administer emergency seizure meds one day last week, and he has not been sleeping very well.  However, his sense of humor has remained intact!  We just love to hear him giggle at a song or because of something Doug does.  His joy is so contagious! 

I guess this is enough of an update for now.  I got a little long-winded, didn't I? :)  I pray you have a good day!


4 thoughts on “Refreshing…

  1. So glad to see you up and about more. Praying you will continue to improve. You are doing the right thing, taking things slow and easy, but doing a bit more every day. Keep up the good work!!


  2. Wow, it sounds like you have made some great improvement. I’m glad to hear you are not overdoing it. Little, by little you’ll get there!


  3. Have you been taking Magnesium,Vit D3drops and glucosamine condroghtin? These will help a lot all help build strong bones,, the Gc lubricates the joints and magnesium will help bones and relax muscles. All are over the counter. Thething with Magnesium is you take as much as you can until it starts acting on your bowels then back down until the bowels are regular. I take 4 tabs/daily as does Alicia. Our physiatrist said that was a really good thing as most of us today are ,magnesium deficcient and vit D3 deficient. Nutritionist recommended Carlsons Vit 3 drops one drop had 2,000 units and is tasteless and odorless. I have a los tless muscle aches with the magnesium on board.


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