Christmas Eve Outing

On Christmas Eve, Isaac had a doctor's appointment in Orlando.  We thought we'd take you along on our trip.

Here we are at the doctor's office.  Doug is getting Isaac's chair all set up.


Isaac was waiting patiently.


Grammy's latest invention for keeping Isaac's toys on his lap and off the floor.


Getting all strapped in and ready to go.


See?  Isaac was in a great mood, and so excited to have a "Fun Day" out.


We had to stop for the photo op!


When taking Isaac's picture, you either get eyes open, or a smile:  never both at the same time!


Here we are in the waiting room.  We were seeing his gastroenterologist. (tummy doctor)


Since July, Isaac has gained 3.5 pounds, and grown 3 inches!  He is getting so tall!!!

We decided to try out the new Super Target after our appointment.


They aren't kidding about the "super" part.  This is how you get to the parking lot:



Now, if you are wondering, like I was, how in the world you got your groceries to your car on the third level of the parking garage, wonder no longer!!!

An escalator for the buggies!!!


Afterward, we had lunch at Red Lobster.  I know it looks like my camera is out of focus.  It isn't…notice the inanimate objects are in focus.  It's only the wiggly Ike who is a big blur!


After lunch, as we headed to the mall (on Christmas Eve!!!  what were we thinking???) we noticed that Isaac needed to be changed.  Have you ever wondered how we managed to change a 4'5" boy when we are not at home?

First we find a remote area of a parking lot that has shrubbery like this?


Then we unload the wheelchair and clear out the back part of the truck.  (We do NOT use the rope to tie up Isaac!!!  I don't really know why Doug has that back there! LOL!!!)


Then Daddy brings Isaac around, lays him on the pad, and we take care of business.


Putting Isaac back in his seat:  Feeling ALL better now!


Here are the state troopers on security detail at the mall:  Notice they are double parked!!!


Some of the beautiful decorations in the mall. 


It was insanely busy in the mall.  I had to keep hold of Doug's shirt so that we didn't get separated.  People wouldn't even budge for Isaac's chair sometimes.  (My husband, however, does not let people get away with that.  He just stands still until they move.  It's amazing how people lack basic manners these days.)

We walked one half of the mall, then had to stop for liquid fortification:


After that I was able to walk the second half of the mall, and get myself out to the truck where I took the above picture in honor of the substance that had sustained me! LOL!

Even Isaac looked a little bit tuckered out after our full day.


We had such a wonderful day out, even though the crowds were so big.  It was fun to be a part of the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  There have been many years that we didn't even see a mall decorated for Christmas because we never had the opportunity to go, or Isaac didn't feel well enough to go.  So we were grateful we were all having a good day all around.

Our Christmas was wonderful, too.  We all were blessed with lovely gifts from people who love us.  I'll share some of those pics later.

Did you all have a good Christmas too?  I'd love to hear about it!



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  1. Wow, what in the world is a super Target? Yikes! and I thought our Target was huge already!!!
    LOL…Isaacs stuffed animals look like they are a part of the chain gang!
    YES! good for your husband!!! sheesh, peoples manners are awful.


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