A Few Of My New Favorite Things

Some of you probably have a gift card burning a hole in your pocket right now.  Or maybe you were blessed with a little cold, hard cash in your Christmas stocking.

So, I thought I'd share a couple of new things I've found this week! 

I bought this for myself with some of my Christmas money:

I love it…alot!!!  It truly holds up to all the hype. 

I am really, really pleased with my purchase, and I am happy that I finally took the plunge to buy myself a quality product to put on my face.  On this side of 40, my skin needs all the help it can get!

(By the way, this price is the lowest I found for this particular kit.  I went to the mall for mine, but Amazon has it too. This is the "fair" kit, so if you click through, be sure to look for the shade that you need.)

We also found this at the Whole Foods store:


Can I just say…"Wow!"  It is delicious…not too hot, just a little "kick" with the chilies.  Really tasty.  My new favorite chocolate!

Isaac opened up this little guy on Christmas morning:


He was really taken with him, as you can see:  not quite sure what to think of him, but definitely interested! 


He tells stories and jokes, sings songs, flaps his hands, stands up,
sits down, falls over, etc.  He might be a bit intense for
really little ones, but Isaac wasn't frightened of him at all.  Isaac also
didn't experience that "startle reflex" when it turned on (for those of
you with special needs kiddos that might have wondered that.)

So, there you have a few of my NEW favorite things!