Links For You and An Isaac Update

I thought I'd share with ya'll just a few things I've run across lately that I thought you might be interested in.  All of these have links attached, even though my blog theme has them in such a subtle color that they don't jump right out at you.  Just hover over each one with your cursor to see the links.

  • I know you will get a blessing from this post by Courtney at Nesting Instincts.  She and her children shared Valentines with the residents at a local nursing home. :)  Wonderful idea for next year!
  • Michelle is embroidering her way through the year.  She is making such gorgeous things, too.  I am amazed at the projects she is doing with her new embroidery machine.  (Michelle is also mom to a beautiful girl with needs similar to Isaac's, so you will occasionally see Emily updates there too.)
  • This gets my chuckle-of-the-day award!  Pothole Gardens by Pete Dungey – "An ongoing series of public installations highlighting the problem of
    surface imperfections on Britain's roads."  (it will be interesting to hear Tia's take on this one!!!) 🙂
  • I am going to be trying this salad, simply because it looks like such an odd mix of foods.  Those are the ones that I usually like!
  • Our church radio station will be holding its annual Restorathon this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  This is how we raise the yearly budget for the upcoming year.  I love that you can listen live 24/7 to our station from the web – that is such a blessing to many around the world!  The station is a big blessing to us, too, because Isaac likes music so much.  We turn it on often for him, and he is starting to let us know when he wants the radio on.  That is how much of an impact that WLVF has had in our lives. 

The Restorathon begins at 7 a.m. on Thursday!  I am going to do my best to be up and alert and listening!!! :)  If you are unable to listen, perhaps you will help us pray that the budget will be met for this upcoming year, so that our station can continue to spread the Gospel around the world on WLVF!  Thanks so much!

Isaac Update:  the little stinker had no fever yesterday, and was feeling great (that means, loud and happy all day!!!); but today, his temp is just slightly elevated and he is one grumpy little man. :(  So, we're not quite sure what is going on there…we will just have to wait and see.

I pray you have a wonderful week!


One thought on “Links For You and An Isaac Update

  1. Praying today’s grummpies is just the tail end of the bug getting the last word in and that said word has now been shut down and the happy Isaac will be back to stay tomorrow!!
    Hugs & Prayers!!


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