Whew What A Week!

Wow!  It has been quite the week for us!  On Tuesday, I came down with the dreaded stomach flu.  It was awful, and here on Friday evening, I am just beginning to feel a tiny bit "normal".  I think the fever was worse than the tummy troubles.

Isaac has continued to run a low-grade fever, which called for a doctor's visit on today.  He has a whopper of a sinus infection.  The doctor gave him a 20-DAY antibiotic prescription!  I am truly dreading the results of that medication on his gastrointestinal track.  It will cause GREAT havoc, I'm afraid.

Our radio's Restorathon is still going strong.  So far, they have had over $74,000 pledged to keep the station on the air for another year.  That is really exciting, and we're expecting tomorrow to be an even bigger day than the last two.  Praise the Lord for the work He is doing here.

Let me tell you, by way of personal testimony, the radio station is a real blessing to me!  I have spent the past 3 days in bed, and I was so grateful to have great Christian music and programing to listen to. 🙂

I pray ya'll have a good weekend,


2 thoughts on “Whew What A Week!

  1. So sorry to hear you have been feeling bad. And Isaac too!
    We will be praying for you all to recover and hope things settle down.
    We have several station and I do love them.
    God bless, Sharon


  2. Sorry the bug has found you, but glad to hear you are starting to feel better! Not good that Isaac has a sinus infection, but glad that you know WHAT it is and can treat it. Now to survive the treatment – ick!
    Hugs & Prayers!!


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