A Haircut Is A Good Thing

In spite of all the sickies here, Doug did manage to get Isaac to the barber for a haircut.


A smidge blurry, but we take what we can get!


He really was happy for this photo shoot…we just didn't quite capture one of those Isaac smiles. 🙂

We love our little man!

6 thoughts on “A Haircut Is A Good Thing

  1. WOW! What a nice haircut on Isaac!!! How old is he going to be this year? 10??? Hope that you both are feeling better soon!!! Keep Doug healthy, so that he can take care of you and Isaac!


  2. Yep, he’ll be 10 in May! Can you believe that? It’s been a long time since that cute little blond baby boy fell asleep in your lap, huh??? 🙂


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