Blessings and Prayers

The Lord has been good to our family this week.

Mind you, He is always good to us; but the blessings seem especially tangible today.

A wonderful friend of ours has completely rebuilt our old computer into something of a Super PC!  We have been wanting another computer.  You know the difficulties I've had with my laptop, this past year in particular.  


We knew we would have no money for a new laptop, and so we put those desires to the back of our mind for a while.  Our friend, though, took my old desktop and (I think) just gutted it and started over!  It's bigger and faster and more advanced than my laptop, and will meet our needs and then some!  Doug is really excited to have his "own" computer, and I am thrilled to have something reliable.

Today, my hubby got the opportunity to help referee a high school basketball game.  That might not mean much to you and me; but to my hubby, it is very exciting!  


What music is to me, basketball is to Doug.  He loves watching it, coaching it, playing it, reffing it, whatever…it makes him happy.  It has been years since he's been able to do anything even remotely involved with the game, and so today's opportunity really means a lot to him.

As he left, he poked his head back in the door, and said, "I'm going to go…have some FUN!" with a great big smile on his face. 🙂


We learned yesterday that we will be receiving a healthy tax refund this year.  We are praying that God will help us to find a vehicle for Isaac.  Right now, we drive a '94 Ford Explorer.  It has been a very reliable vehicle for us; but it is not accessible.  Doug has to pick Isaac up and put him in his car seat, then lift the wheelchair into the back of the truck.  I am unable to take Isaac anywhere on my own.

We realize that to get a truly accessible vehicle will be well out of our price range, but we also know that we serve a mighty God!  He can help us to find something that will make our lives easier, AND that has an air conditioner that works reliably!!!  (Right now, we have to lift the hood and whack the fuse box for the a/c to work!) 🙂 We also have no door handles left – they have disintegrated into nothing – lol!

So, three blessings for us this week, and a prayer request of sorts.  We need God's leading and wisdom to find this new vehicle.  We'd appreciate your helping us pray.



2 thoughts on “Blessings and Prayers

  1. WOOHOO – “new” computer – YAY!!!! Yeah, for Doug getting some B-Ball time, too.
    Praying for the vehical situation! Praying that the perfect vheicle is provided!! We are saving & praying that, LORD willing, within the next 2 years an accessible vehicle that has what we need for the amount we have saved will be provided.
    Hugs & Prayers!!


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