Blogging Bullets

  • Our new a/c unit is up and running!!!  That should make our electric bill much happier!
  • My back has gone out again.
  • I made some new jewelry and sold some jewelry last week.

  • I've made some jewelry repairs this week, too.
  • Isaac has been trying to vomit since yesterday evening.  (His previous
    surgery does not allow him to actually bring anything up.)  We think
    it's due to a decrease in meds (on purpose…we were weaning him off a
    gastro med), and we hope as soon as the levels go back up, he will stop
    trying to turn himself inside out with the dry heaves.
  • I got a new hair cut.  Here's some of those corny "taking pictures of myself in the car" shots:
0309001718  0309001722  0309001708

  • My mom and I were able to have brunch together yesterday.
  • The weather here is absolutely gorgeous right now.
  • This made me happy:


  • Isaac made a new friend at church on Sunday.  She came in her wheelchair, and sat with him in junior church.  She was 8 years old and such a cutie!  He was really quite pleased about it too.
  • That is all I can think of for today.  It's hard to write brilliantly from a reclined position!

Spring is on its way,


4 thoughts on “Blogging Bullets

  1. LOVE the hair cut girl!!! Your mom’s looked great too! Hope your back gets some rest and heals up real quick!


  2. So sorry to hear about your back and Isaac’s tummy troubles. Hoping you both recover quickly. I like your haircut and your pictures. The one on the far right is my favorite! Cute!


  3. That boy needs some zofran girlie….Hope your back feels better and love the haircut…sorry so short but very limited on time…Hugs, Trina and Jophie


  4. OH – new jewlery….;o)
    Praying your back will get to feeling better and that Isaacs tummy troubles will settle down!
    Hugs & Prayers… sorry I have to rush, but there is jewlery to look at :o]


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