Just A Note

…to say that we are doing well.  We had a quiet Easter at home, and enjoyed our church's services via the world wide web!  Praise the Lord for technology!

We had a scare with Isaac last week…the doctor thought his shunt was infected, sent us for a CAT scan and told us to be prepared for more surgery.  Thank God that he was wrong and the shunt was not infected.  It was just a skin infection, and he's been on a strong antibiotic for it.  The surgery site is looking much better now.

We're still trying to get his bowels in working order, following surgery, and this additional medication is wreaking havoc with them.  We're not out of ideas, yet, though, so we'll keep persevering with that.

playing catch with Grammy
Isaac playing catch with Grammy on Friday.  It was a gorgeous day!

My back is still not well, and I'll be seeing my chiropractor and my doctor this week, Lord willing, for their continued advice.  I really appreciate your prayers about that.

We have decided to shop for a new bed, rather than a used vehicle.  We're thinking the investment will be more helpful to us in the long run, even though the initial outlay is staggering for a new bed!  If you have any suggestions – and by that, I mean, a bed that has worked for you – please pass them along.

The Lord continues to be so faithful, and is showing us mercy on every side.  We feel overwhelmed by His goodness, and unworthy of it too.  I know He is doing something in us, and through us, during this time; and I am just trying to trust His timing (while letting go of mine – or at least, trying to hold my plans very loosely.) ;o)

I pray that you have a good week, and that you continue to rejoice in the truth of the Resurrection!


5 thoughts on “Just A Note

  1. Alesha, he’s HUGE! When did that happen?
    Is it a new bed for yourselves or a new bed for Isaac you’re after? Suppliers of both would be different over here anyway, but, for my own bed I have Memory Foam which is just wonderful to sink into, and incredibly supportive; I don’t have to move around to make myself comfortable at all. For the girls, learning from my mistakes, I’d go for a bed which can be accessed from either side (only one side of Mog’s bed can be opened so even if there are two of us we can’t both reach her to reposition her). Good hunting!


  2. I know, Tia! He is getting so l-o-n-g! And the size of his hands amazes me every day, it seems!
    The bed is for Doug and I. We’re hoping that a better mattress set will help my back to recover. The one we have now is really very sad…divots on both sides where we sleep, and we’ve been flipping and rotating it, too. 😦 I’ve always wondered if the memory foam is hot. It seems to do ok for Isaac (we have a topper on his hospital bed mattress), but I didn’t know if I would like it or not.
    Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep it in mind. πŸ™‚


  3. πŸ™‚ The picture of Isaac brought a smile to me. He’s growing so fast and the look of sheer delight on his face is great!
    I was so glad to hear all was well with his shunt this past week. Scary business!
    I hope you are successful in your search for a new mattress!


  4. Praise God Isaac’s shunt was not infected! Whew!
    I have to give 2 thumbs up for memory foam too, we bough ours online, they have free shipping, they took away our old bed and set up the new one too! Here is the website we bought from…
    Our bed is now going on 8 years old and still very comfortable. It is not hot either! πŸ™‚ I will say it has improved my back pain immensly, when we go on vacation and sleep on a traditional spring mattress my back kills me, I can’t wait to get home to MY bed!
    They are expensive though…but worth it I think!
    I pray your back gets better soon!!!


  5. Love that pic w/Grandma! πŸ™‚
    I missed seeing your smiling face in the choir yesterday. You (and Isaac) continue to be in our prayers.


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