Around the Neighborhood

My lilies have finally bloomed…just beautifully!


The air is full of the sweet smell of orange blossoms.

Our neighbor's dog.  Isn't he gorgeous?  We don't know his name, so we, quite imaginatively, call him "Brownie".

My version of a bird bath – vintage terra cotta pot and saucer from my grandmother's house.  It works really well, too.

This is right outside Ike's window.  The birdbath is below it.


The most beautiful thing in our yard – our now functioning air conditioning unit.

Just look at that Florida sky!!!

Mama turtle was taking a tour of our yard this morning.

Baby turtle trying to catch a ride.


Papa is installing a wide gate between our two yards, so that Isaac's wheelchair (and Papa's new riding lawn mower) can go easily from yard to yard.

Newton, sporting his new haircut and bandanna.

And, inside the house, our new mattress set arrived!  It is wonderful, and we love it!!!  We bought this one from here.

How are things in your neighborhood?





3 thoughts on “Around the Neighborhood

  1. BEAUTIFUL picture tour of your neighborhood. The flowers are lovely! The bird bath idea is awesome. Love the more practical things as well – a/c unit and new mattress – happy sigh… good things abound around your house!!
    Hugs & Prayers!


  2. your flowers are so pretty. How neat that you have turtles! I have always loved turtles.
    Because of our nice weather every one is out doing things to their yard so it has been nice to see and meet some more of our nieghbors.


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