A Week In Review Sort Of

We've had a busy week:

  • Monday – We started the process of deep cleaning the master bedroom.  You would think that since it is very small, that would be an easy task; but I found just the opposite.  Every little nook and cranny was crammed full of stuff!  Argh!  We plan to finish the process this afternoon.

  • Tuesday – Doug and Isaac headed back to therapy.  Isaac screamed every time someone stretched any part of his body…so you can imagine how festive all three sessions were!  Poor baby…he has been going through some changes since his surgery.  (I'm planning a whole other post for that subject, though, since we're still observing and taking note of what is happening.  The human brain is utterly amazing, and neurosurgery is never a "minor" surgery.)  While they were gone, I did some housekeeping on my Etsy site, just generally tidying things up to make room for new jewelry that is being made.  I also worked on several new pieces, taking pictures and editing them.

  • Wednesday – I had a doctor's visit.  I am down 3 pounds from my last visit!  That is good, even though, technically, I am re-losing those pounds because I put on around 10 pounds through the (extended) holiday season.  But, hey, I'll take the 3 pounds!  It's still progress in the right direction.

  • Thursday – Today I went to the dentist.  Ugh!  I've had a broken tooth for a little while, and was waiting for the funds to have it fixed properly.  Then, this past Sunday night, I lost another piece of it.  So, today, I made my way to the place that causes my blood to run cold – the dentist's office.  I'm telling you, I can get up and sing in front of 1500+ people, and not feel the terror that I experience when I go to the dentist.  I think I must have sensory issues, and that's just the place that makes all my senses go berserk – the tastes, the smells, the feelings, seeing the implements of torture…um…I mean, the dentistry tools, and the SOUNDs!  Oh, sweet goodness, the sounds alone make me want to weep.  Yep…I'd say I have a few "issues" about the dentist.  My dentist, btw, is just as sweet and kind and gentle as she can be.  You couldn't ask for one better.  We put in a temporary fix, and I'll go back to have the permanent repair in a couple of weeks.  Btw, the Lord provided for the cost of today's visit!  He is so good to me!!!

  • Friday – I realize this day hasn't happened yet.  My visit to the dentist has not completely unhinged my thinking!!!  However, I already know what is going to happen tomorrow:  They are bringing our new mattress!!!  Yay!  We are so excited!  Of course, the new bedding I ordered hasn't arrived, and I have no queen size bedding at all!  So, that could cause a slight bump in our plan; but we are looking beyond that, and will just improvise, if need be, to sleep on our new nest egg, uh, I mean, "mattress" tomorrow night.

  • Saturday – We are headed to a family reunion.  It should be fun and relaxing…we are looking forward to it.

  • Sunday – Lord willing, we will all make it to church on Sunday.  I was able to go last week, and although Isaac was cleared to be there, he did not make it on Sunday morning.  He partied most of Saturday night, and crashed beyond waking on Sunday morning.  He and Doug were able to make it to the night service, though, so that was good.

I pray your week has been good, and that you will be able to be in church on Sunday too.  I plan to be back in the choir, Lord willing.  I was able to attend practice last night, so…we'll see.  As usual, I will "hold my plans loosely", and see what God has planned.

Blessings to you,


3 thoughts on “A Week In Review Sort Of

  1. Poor Isaac – Praying he will adjust to therapy & stretching & stuff.
    YAY ~ for a new mattress!!! BTW, you should be able to take a twin size top sheet to make due until your new sheets arrive. Won’t be the best fit or cover, but should be better than nothing.
    I agree with you on the dentist. I cannot small, so not have that issue, but the sights and sounds… ARG! Praying your tooth will be fixed and the dental stuff will be over for a good long time.
    Hugs & Prayers!!


  2. Love the update on your week!! And good for you for losing those three lbs!! I hope the bedding arrives soon so you can really enjoy that new mattress.


  3. It must be so nice living next door to your parents.
    Our spring is just beginning my Tulips are opening and other bulbs eeeking up out for the ground. Will have lots of blossems on the lilacs this year from the looks of it. I love Spring!
    Glad you got central air. We only use ours about 5 days a year when it is hot ahd humid several days in a row.


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