Blogging Secrets Revealed

Just wanted to share:

One of my most-used sites:

I use the thesaurus more than the dictionary, but they both get a work out when I'm blogging.

There are also word games (which I haven't tried yet) and a daily crossword puzzle (which I finished today, but probably won't have time for on most days.)

I feel that IF I am going to share my thoughts, I need to do so in the best manner possible.  This site is one of the tools I use to do just that.


7 thoughts on “Blogging Secrets Revealed

  1. I do love It has helped me many a time when no matter how I type a word it still does not look right!


  2. Oooooo, you should have titled this post, “Blogging Secrets Revealed”! Seriously, a girl needs her tools! Personally, I’d be lost without my online thesaurus.


  3. That’s a great site! Now I’m curious about what your original title was now! 😉


  4. I just type my thougst out so fast my fingers cant keep up…I probably have more spelling and grammar mistakes than I get right…lol
    Hugs I love reading your posts!


  5. I didn’t have one, Corin! 🙂 I just did a “quick compose” on my Typepad dashboard and it doesn’t have a place for a title. You have to go back and add it later. I had no intentions of doing that until your mom had that great, no…brilliant idea!!! 🙂


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