Let the Home Schooling Begin!

It's been a busy week for us here in HOT, sunny Florida.  Summer has arrived right on schedule and we are already seeing temperatures in the mid-90s – which is as it should be!  It is Florida, after all.

This is the first week, since I was down with my back, that I have tried to integrate caring for Isaac and actually doing a little house work too.  That's why I haven't been here blogging – just too busy!  It seems that everything takes me twice as long as it did before.

On Tuesday, while Doug and Isaac went to therapy, my Dad took Mama and I to the dentist.  Now doesn't that sound like a fun outing???  I was glad to be with good company, but would have rather gone shopping or something! :) 

The rest of the week I spent trying to keep Isaac in dry ribbons!  He is a chewing maniac these days.  It's so funny after almost 3 years of putting nothing in his mouth, he has constantly got something he's trying to chew on.  

We have been working on his relearning some things this past week.  We're starting with the word "gentle".  He is really giving his therapists a difficult time, and has started swatting at them when they stretch or move something in a way that he doesn't like.  He doesn't have much control, and so the swatting can really hurt.  Even when he's playing with me, now, he whacks and doesn't realize how hard it is.  So, we are working on "gentle".

I am also working with him on retrieving his own toys when he loses track of them.  His default behavior is to whine – repeatedly – quietly – yet with every breath – until I come and "fix" whatever is wrong.  Whether he wants a different video, or to listen to the radio, or if he needs dry pants, he just does his "nagging" as I call it. 

So, I am trying to prompt him, when I know he's just misplaced his toys, to find them for himself.  Usually they are up under his arm, and he has a hard time finding them, because he can't see them.  I help him to reach over with his opposite hand to find them.  I am also helping him to sit up and reach down the bed for them, when he's just tossed them beyond his reach.  He is always so delighted when he gets them.

We are also teaching him the word "drink".  I am using his lemon swabs to give him tastes of different juices.  He gets a little of the liquid without my pouring it into his mouth, which could cause him to aspirate.  Some days he wants several "drinks" and other days he's not interested; but since it's getting so hot, I thought it was a good things to work on.  He drools so much when he chews on toys, and I don't want him to get dehydrated in this weather.

So, I guess I sorta-kind started Isaac's home school lessons again, didn't I?  I really didn't realize it, until I started telling you all about them.  These are the sorts of things we worked on before, although in greater number each week.  We will add things each week, as he understands more and more.

Today, he enjoyed baked sweet potato with me for lunch.  He chewed and swallowed every bite.  Doug said none of it ended up on his bib!  (He used to taste things, but then let them slide out of his mouth instead of swallowing.)  Sweet potato used to be his favorite baby food, too!  We're on the right track, I'd say! 🙂

I am looking forward to my fresh, new week.  I am especially praying for my sweet friend, Mrs. C, who is recovering from surgery.  I'm also praying for a friend's son, who seems to be straying from the Lord.  You know it is never too late to ask for God to draw the prodigal back home.  He is a loving, gracious and forgiving God – as I can personally testify!

May you see God's Hand in your life this week, as He moves to accomplish His will in you!


6 thoughts on “Let the Home Schooling Begin!

  1. This is just so exciting to read! Let the schoolin’ begin!!!
    Isaac’s whining reminds me of something that the teachers were telling me today. One of the boys in J’s class whines to communicate. Josh really likes Hiroki and will go pat him and try to play. Josh has now added a new step in the friendship factor ~ when Hiroki whines, Josh has taken to crying. He was crying real tears today! It’s so sweet, but I can also see the teachers having their work cut out for them, because now they not only have Hiroki whining, but Josh crying.
    Have a wonderful day! Oh and thanks for the reminder… I think I am glad we still need the down conforter – 90 – EEK!!


  2. Hi, Friend! I’m finally back on the computer again. 🙂 It was good to see your smiling face in the choir yesterday! We upgraded our internet recently, and now the services are streaming just fine.
    I’m so glad that Isaac is interacting more throughout the day; maybe he’ll sleep even better at night!


  3. you know, now that you mention it, he has been sleeping really well the past week! that is an added bonus I hadn’t thought about! yay!!! 🙂


  4. I miss you girl! I finally figured out how to stay connected…I just put you on my google home page so now I can see when you put up a new post! Yay! 🙂
    This is such awesome news about Isaac’s progress, WOW is all I can say!!!!


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