Prayer Request Update on Mama Gail

Please continue to pray for Gail.  She underwent abdominal exploratory surgery yesterday, to find the source of substantial blood loss she has been experiencing.  They think they know the source and did some repair, but are not sure. 

Her bone marrow has not started producing yet, since the chemo ended, and that is complicating matters as well.

Our hearts are very heavy for our friends.  They live over 2 hours away, and we are not able to be there for them.  Also, we have all been sick, and would not be allowed to visit Gail any way.

If the Lord burdens your heart, please hold them up in prayer.  If you are local, please consider going by to visit.  She is in Weustoff Hospital.

Thank you,


2 thoughts on “Prayer Request Update on Mama Gail

  1. I am so sorry to hear this, and so sorry there is much to be concerned about right now. 😦
    I am praying, and I pray you all get better really soon!!!


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