Continuing to pray for Gail

Gail is very low, and needed to be put on the ventilator yesterday.  Her lungs continue to fill with fluid, and the doctors feel that her liver has failed, due to the Hepatitis C.

Doug traveled to be with her and Mike today.  Please pray for them, as the Lord lays them on your heart.

Gail has a wonderful sense of humor, which is continuing even now.  Yesterday while Mike and some friends were with her, she looked around and stated, "Some party!" 🙂

We know that God is faithful, and will be near, even during these hard times.  We are asking for His intervention even now.  He is the Great Physician and can do whatever He wills.

I would also like to ask for your continued prayers for our co-pastor's precious wife, Mrs. C.  She has been hospitalized for the third time this month, due to abdominal adhesions and intestinal perforations.  We are asking for Divine Intervention for her as well.

We will continue to trust Him.

Blessings to you,