No More Night…No More Pain

Gail met Jesus today.

I'd guess she'd say she was having a really GREAT day.

The rest of us…not so much.

One day soon, we will experience it with her:

Please pray for Mike, her mom, dad, sister and brother.

Thank you,


6 thoughts on “No More Night…No More Pain

  1. Alesha,
    Again this is written with mixed feelings, both of joy and of sorrow! My prayers are with her husband and friends at this time. My little girl died today, several years back, i feel joy that Gail is with her. Can you imagine, i wonder what type or questions she is asking i am sure they are different from what the family and friends are asking, everyone says you should not ask why, i believe you should not dwell on it, but even Christ on the cross asked why. if there is anything i can do plz let me know. Also, how old was she and do you have an email for the funeral home?


  2. I was just thinking and praying for Gail this morning. Glad & sad to know she is no longer in pain. Hugs & prayers to you!!


  3. Alesha~ What a great song I love David Phelps, prayers for all touched by her passing. and you are so right, you will experience that great day someday too!


  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, and her family’s loss. Praying for her family as they learn to live without her – I know they will meet again, but partings are still sorrowful.


  5. Oh Alesha, I am so sorry!!!
    Praying for you and her family, may God’s Peace be with you all.


  6. Just checking in, how are you guy’s holding up? You have had a very rough couple of weeks for sure…praying!!!


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