The Lord Thinketh Upon Me


I'm just here to say we're doing ok.  :~)

Isaac had a few rough days at the end of last week – due to the antibiotics that he was on for his sinus infection.  His tummy did not take too kindly to them – again; and we had a few days of tummy aches, lack of sleep, increased seizures and general grumpiness.

At one point, on Friday, I just climbed up into the bed with him, because I had run out of ideas to try to make him happy.  He kept screaming and crying real tears.  You KNOW the real tears almost never happen with Isaac.  It was breaking my heart, but I couldn't discern if he was just "pitching a fit", was overtired or was in pain.

I texted Doug to come home.  I was really at my wits' end.

Turns out he was in pain.  His tummy was hurting. 

After aggressive measures were taken, and things were…shall we say…"cleared out"? he felt much better, and then slept for a few hours.  Poor baby.

(And, please, before you pass judgment on my allowing this scenario to occur…we had taken several preventative measures to avoid this particular side effect of the antibiotics – including increased water and juices, herbal laxative, daily probiotics, etc…but they weren't enough, apparently.)  😦

The antibiotic is finished, but we will have to continue to monitor the situation for several more days.  I think I must pray for wisdom more than anybody else I know.  I just feel so clueless about this boy of mine on some days. :o/

I am still grieving over losing Gail.  Doug and I both found ourselves very grumpy toward each other on Saturday – just being impatient and unkind with our words.  I went to my room, just to give myself a "timeout" really.  In my inbox was an email from a friend who was just checking up on me, and telling me she was praying for me. 

Suddenly, I realized mine and Doug's attitudes were not really directed at each other, but just a side effect of our grieving about Gail.  When our busy week was over and we had a few minutes to allow our brains to rest, our thoughts turned to her, and the sadness just sort of took over.  It's natural, I'm sure; but I hadn't stopped to analyze it.  I just knew everything was bugging me, and since Doug was the only person I was interacting with, he caught the brunt of those emotions.

To be sure, we made things right with each other within the hour.  We have been committed for many years to not harboring hurt feelings and grudges against each.  We try to practice the following verses from Ephesians 4:

[26] Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your

[27] Neither give place to the devil.

That practice certainly came in handy on Saturday.  It was good to have the peace restored in our home, and to be able to vocalize a little bit that our hearts were feeling.

I am feeling much better after taking the antibiotic for the bronchitis, but I'm a little concerned that I may still have a sinus infection on board.  I have been using my neti pot, and I hope it will clear up any residual infection.  I am also dealing again with some other physical issues that I have had trouble with from time to time – not to the same extent as before, but just enough to have me feeling very run down and dragging a bit.

I do appreciate your praying for me when the Lord lays me on your heart.  I feel like we have been a very "needy" bunch at our house lately!  But then I remember that is ok.  The Psalmist worded it quite well for me:

Psalm 40:17 But I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinketh upon
me: thou art
my help and my deliverer; make no tarrying, O my God.

I look forward – with great anticipation! – to sharing with you when we are all feeling better and back to normal. 🙂

God bless you as you begin this new week,


3 thoughts on “The Lord Thinketh Upon Me

  1. So sorry about Gail but glad she is in no more pain and with the Lord. It does take time to get over any loss. I pray for your comfort and the family. Hugs, Sharon


  2. So much going on, Isaac ill, you ill, Gail’s passing. Hang on to the LORD, rest in His arms!!
    It is surprising how grief will express itself. So glad you were able to put your finger on the cause of your grumpies and work things out. Eph.4 is a key to happiness.
    Hugs & Prayers


  3. Oh man feeling physically bad on top of all the emotional stuff is really the PITS! I pray you feel better all the way around soon!
    sounds like you have a pretty great friend there! 😉
    Hugs and prayers~


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