Twenty-two Years

Our God is an awesome God!

Today is mine and Doug's twenty-second wedding anniversary.

I told him yesterday that I felt like it had been twenty-two years of wedded bliss. 

No lie! 

We have lived through many things, but have always been happy together!

I think that our Heavenly Father gave me the greatest earthly gift ever when He brought us together.

I love you, Doug!

You are my favorite!


7 thoughts on “Twenty-two Years

  1. Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Wow…22 years!!!
    You two are a very adorable and loving couple, your love for each other shines through!!!


  2. Happy Anniversary!!! May the Lord give you MANY more years together!!
    You are more of an encouragement and blessing than you know!!!
    P.S. I merged my two blogs together, come by and visit us on our blog sometime!!!
    Check us out when you can!!


  3. Aw that is amazing…to 22 more =) We are approaching our 2 year anniversary…I live in a love story written by God. Without God were nothing and we both know that he is our glue. May the Lord bless you abundantly with even more happiness!


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