Hers and His


Blueberry and peach, respectively.


(This story is the truth…at 8:45 this morning, I let the dog out and looked at the thermometer that had been in the direct morning sunlight since the sun had come up, and it read 102*!!!  Granted, it did fall after the sun was further up in the sky, but still…whew!!!  That is just TOO hot!)

So, while you're thinking about how hot it is in Florida, and looking at those yummy frosty smoothies, please pray for our church's teen camp this week.  Even in the middle of the Florida jungle, it can get pretty hot!  Pray for overcast skies, safety for campers and counselors, and most importantly, that God would do a mighty work in all who are there.


and stay cool!!!


5 thoughts on “Hers and His

  1. Those smoothies look so good!!
    WHEW! That’s hot… and that’s a really good reminder why we went back in Dec. rather than Aug. There is NO WAY, I was going to willingly visit FL in Aug 8-P and I really needed to visit FL.
    Praying camp goes well!!


  2. Yummy! 🙂 I told your brother that you made me one today and he gave me a very mean look! lol!


  3. @ Laura – oh, I totally agree! if you don’t have to be here during the summer, WHY would you be??? you were smart to come in December!
    @ Joy – I was trying to figure out a way to get smoothies to camp – LOL! I just think that it is beyond the laws of physics to make that happen, though! TOO hot!
    @ Karen – ah…the green is the secret! 🙂 Not really…I add a heaping bunch of fresh parsley to each smoothie. Makes it super nutritious! 🙂 And it only shows up in the peach ones…strawberry and blueberry disguise it nicely! 🙂


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