Creative Spark Friday and Announcing a New Blog

Becky Caldwell, over at The Gritty Bird, has started a fun challenge for jewelry designers (and other like minded crafty people) to create a new and exciting piece of art each week.

THE WEEK'S (7/16-7/23) SPARKS ARE-

1. *Creative Spark* Color(s)-

Teal and/or Orange 

2. *Creative Spark* Word or Phrase-


3. *Creative Spark* Wire or Stringing Material(s)-

Brass Wire and/or Ribbon

4. *Creative Spark* Bead Type(s)-


5. *Creative Spark* Shape(s)-


and for my mixed media gals..

6. *Creative Spark* Mixed Media Art Medium(s)-

Wood and Paper

This is what I came up with: 







I had so much fun with this "spark", and it just so happened that I had the supplies on hand to join in.

Thank you, Becky, for such an exciting, creative challenge!


I realize this is quite a different post than you are used to reading here.  I decided that I don't want to inundate you, my dear, faithful bloggy readers with too many "jewelry" posts. 

So, I did what bloggers do…

I created a new blog!!!

Alesha Kay's Jewelry Blog

You will see a permanent link to it, up on the tabs above this post.  There are links available on that site, if you wish to subscribe by blog reader or by email.  I certainly won't have my feelings hurt if you do neither! ;o)

I hope you do go check it out, though, and give me your thoughts about it.  I always value your input.

I pray you have a great weekend.



P.S. I have lost another 4 pounds, bringing my grand total to 31 pounds.  Yay!  We are feeling so much better now that we are back to eating well again. 🙂

P.P.S This necklace will be up in my Etsy shop this weekend!

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  1. Orange and teal go well together, it is a lovely summer necklace. Thank you for visiting with a fellow Floridian beader.


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