Just Catching Up

Doug and Isaac are off to therapy today, so I have the privilege of enjoying a silent house!  Oh, how I love my quiet time!!! :)  Both of my boys like noise!  Hmmm…"boys like noise"…maybe I'm on to something here! lol!

We have had a good week.  Isaac visited his neurologist last week.  She suggested adding new meds or increasing meds, while watching him have seizure after seizure in the exam room.  I had to tell her, "Um…this really isn't a bad day for him!"


Waiting for the doctor…

He was occasionally coming out of the seizures, and even playing with his ribbons.  On a bad day, he just sleeps.

She had no answers, of course.  My personal opinion is that either his shunt does not work the same every day, or his brain does not put out the same amount of fluid every day.  Something is obviously fluctuating, when he has really great days, and really poor days.

But, such is life with Isaac.  The Lord is faithful on ALL the days, whether they are great or poor.  When it's time to consider something new, He will make it plain to us.  We cannot spend every day fretting about seizures.

My follow up at my doctor was good, as I told you in the last post, I have lost another 4 pounds.  That makes me very excited, because we have been working really diligently on our eating habits.  I'm so glad that the diligence paid off. šŸ™‚


When we came home from our appointments, my mom and dad were at my house trying to clean up.  Now, wait, they weren't cleaning up OUR mess…they were cleaning up DADDY's mess!  He has started drilling the holes for the air conditioner vents in the concrete walls of our house.

Can you even begin to imagine the layer of concrete chalk that covered every inch of my house???  No, unless you have experienced it yourself, you have no concept!  Ugh!  The floors especially were quite a mess.

I had used king size sheets to cover as much furniture as I could, and so that helped a little in the clean up; but the dust settled on every surface between the ceiling and the floor.  Every picture, ceiling fan, uncovered knickknack…you name it, it all had to be wiped down.

I am waiting to do the final dusting when he is completely finished.  He did all the holes but one!  I love him to pieces, but what in the world was he thinking, to leave one undone??? 

My mom said, "He was hot and hungry!"  

Well, ok then!  That explains it completely!!! :~D


I have been very busy working on jewelry for the past 2 weeks.  I want to increase my sales, and am trying to implement as many things as I can to make that happen.  I know it's all in the Lord's hands, but I am doing my best to be diligent.

Doug's grandma is still healing nicely, and is feeling much better.  We are very excited about that.

Our teens had a great week at camp.  It was so good to see so many of them in church on Sunday.  Sunday night, several young men came forward to say they had accepted the Lord as their Saviour while out at camp last week, and that they wanted to follow the Lord in believer's baptism.  That was very exciting to see.


I saw something interesting while we were at Isaac's doctor's visit.  I thought I would share it with you.


Just a normal thing to see in the restroom…but wait, look closer…


Still can't read it?  Here…this should help!


Considering that the building we were in is state-owned, I couldn't help but chuckle!!!  (and take a picture for the blog, of course!)

Well, I still have several projects to do today, so I better finish this up.

Blessings to you,


7 thoughts on “Just Catching Up

  1. Nothing like a toilet paper holder to give me the laugh I needed at the end of a very long day. šŸ™‚


  2. Wow Alesha, I didn’t realize he was having so many seizures. This just breaks my heart. I will be praying for extra strength for you all and that the Lord will make it clear how to proceed. If you need anything please let me know.


  3. yeah, it has really gone downhill after that good month or so after surgery. The dr. said that it isn’t unusual to have a “honeymoon” period after a surgery or after adding a new med, when the seizures get better. I had no idea about that!
    I really appreciate the prayer so much!!!


  4. It’s so nice to hear an update!!!
    LOL, that toilet paper thing is hilarious!!!
    Poor Isaac, ugh I wish they could come up with something better, like a shunt that would “read” the proper fluid and adjust accordingly! By itself!!
    Yay for your weight loss, congrats!!!!


  5. Karen, that is a brilliant idea!!! I wish I knew an inventor who could create that for us.
    You know they have the VNS, seems like your idea wouldn’t be toooo far from that, right?!!
    Hmmm…something to think on! šŸ™‚


  6. Alicia doesn’t have the shunt and her days sound much like iSSAC’S DAYS. MNDAY SHE HAD 11 OBSERVED SEIZURES . Yesterday 3 and today was awake at 3:30 Am screaming and laughing and having a great time . I checked aand it wasn’t seizures! Needless to say most of today she has been sleeping! No siezures!
    Loved the toilet paper thing!
    Congrats on the weight loss. I need to get back at it again!


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