I Forgot I Was Grieving

I am, on balance, a fairly happy person.

I love the Lord, and I
love my life.  I feel content in most circumstances.  Even if I get
temporarily thrown off my usual stride, I can usually find my
equilibrium, so to speak, pretty quickly.

You see, I like peace.  I like to feel peaceful.  I dislike anxiety, fretfulness and worry.

So, I'm learning to focus on my Lord, and to allow His peace to fill me.

That is why I have been extremely frustrated with my self the past month or so. 

have not felt very peaceful.  I have been quite fretful.  I have been
grouchy, cantankerous, and (I say it to my shame) a tad unforgiving

And I don't like being that way!

I have been unhappy with myself that I am feeling unhappy with others and with life in general.

Then, this morning, I was working with Isaac, listening to the music playing in his room, and I just burst into tears.

The song was about Heaven.  I hear songs about Heaven several times every day.  I don't usually break down over them.

song, however, was about our friends and loved ones who are already in
Heaven, how we miss them, and how happy we will be to see them again.

Then I remembered.


I am still grieving over losing Gail.

get me wrong.  I think about Gail every day – usually more than once a
day.  I mostly think of things that I want to tell her — then I
remember that I can't.  So, I move my thoughts on to something else, and
get on with my day.

But grief eventually needs its outlet, doesn't it?

can't keep just pushing it aside for other things, because that's where
the discontent comes from.  That's why I'm so easily frustrated and
angered and why I hold on to those feelings longer than usual.

I've pushed aside the grieving to get on with my life, but the sadness just isn't disappearing. 

today, when I burst into tears, I should have just let those tears
continue until I was finished with the crying.  As usual, I stopped them
so that I could go about my business.

I think the next time they
start, I'm just going to indulge them for a little while.  Maybe some of
the anger, fretfulness, anxiety, unforgiveness with flow away with the

Yeah, so I remembered I'm still grieving.  That's ok.  I
think I will just give myself a little break today, and grieve for my
sweet friend who I am missing so very much.

Our God is such a
great God to create us to feel so many emotions, and then build into our
very bodies the outlet for those emotions:  tears, laughter, and the
huge array in between the two.

I almost wonder that if I allow myself to cry, I will find that my laughter returns as well.

I just think it might.