Just a Quick Update

Doug got sick over the weekend, and by Monday, Isaac was sick too – fever, cough, congestion.  Poor little man!  We are treating the fever and doing asthma treatments for the congestion.  We'll let the fever go for 3 days, then make an appointment with his pediatrician if it continues past that.

Our caregiver started this week.  It is working out wonderfully, and I am so, so thankful to have help.

We are supposed to start Isaac's horseback riding on Monday, IF he is feeling better.

I will be back to blog again, soon, I promise!  :o)

My friend, Gail, who passed away in June had started a grape vine in her backyard quite a while before she got too sick to tend to her yard.  Last season, it only yielded a handful of grapes.  This year, it is bearing lots and lots of fruit.

Gail's Grapes

Gail's Grapes

I think the Lord just blessed this vine this year so that it would bless Gail's husband with sweet remembrances of her.  Isn't that just like our Lord? ๐Ÿ™‚



4 thoughts on “Just a Quick Update

  1. Praying for sweet Isaac. That poor guy needs to get better in time to ride horses!
    What beautiful grapes! What kind are they?


  2. A beautiful and thoughtful post, I hope Isaac get to go HB riding. The beauty of Gail’s grapes is evidence for us all, in the lasting uplifting power of the work of our hands. I’m so Thankful for her obedience to our Father then, so you could share so that others may read and be therefore obedient when HE prompts their spirits … Thankful


  3. Sorry your guys are sick. Praying they will be feeling better very soon and that Isaac doesn’t need to go to the doctor.
    I am thrilled your helper was able to start work this week – perfect timing!! What a wonderful blessing even thought I know the training process on top of sickly ones can’t be easy, still having an extra pair of hands must be wonderful!!
    What beautiful grapes. What a special reminder of Gail and the LORD’s care for each of us.
    Hugs & Prayers


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