Managing My Mondays



These "managing" posts are supposed to be written on Monday, but again, here I sit on Tuesday, typing.  Oh, well, some things are beyond our control, amen?  Amen!

I have been quite sick since last week.  So technically, I didn't do much "managing" at all yesterday.  I was so grateful for our caregiver, who came in and cared for Isaac, took the dog out, washed the dishes and brought me hot soup in bed!!!  She is the greatest!!!

I have been continuing my healthy approach to fighting off the germies, and even though I am still not 100%, I feel some better today.


I did miss singing in my choir's cantata on Sunday night.  That made me really, really sad; but I was able to watch it online, and it was wonderful!

(It is available on our church's media page:  Landmark Baptist Church Christmas Cantata. Our college's Christmas program is available there as well.  It was awesome, too!)


We are having incredibly cold weather here this week. 

Our thermometer read 24* this morning!

That is cRaZy cold for Florida!!!  It's fun for a change, though!  Now if we could just get a little snow before next Saturday, that would be perfect! LOL!


My baby brother is experiencing his first winter in Tennessee this year.  He messaged me with pictures of snow yesterday.  We are really going to miss him this Christmas, but I am so proud of him for striking out on his own and following his heart. 

He is living out in the country, all by himself, which is something he has dreamed of for years.  It may not be what he wants for the rest of his life, but he is wise to reach for his goal while he is single and unencumbered.  I am excited to see what God is going to show him while He's got him on the backside of the desert…um, I mean forest! ;o)


Here's a pic of my little man, (well, and my big man, too!) all bundled up for his ride to therapy:




And a slightly blurry shot of some of our Christmas decor:


(Fortunately, for me, I like blurry Christmas light pictures.)

May God bless today, and may you stay warm!!!


4 thoughts on “Managing My Mondays

  1. It’s down right cold in FL…brrrrr! Isaac looks less than thrilled to be going out in it. Then again maybe it’s just the hat and gloves. If it were Joshua he’s be having a hissy fit trying to remove said offensive articles of clothing!
    Glad you are starting to feel better. Keep up the good work of using the healthy approach and get those germies run out of town!!
    Hugs & Prayers!


  2. BBBRRR that IS cold in your neck of the woods! Yikes!!
    I am so sorry you missed your cantata…:(((( Next time you sing for church though let us know, because I want to see it!!!
    Praying you get over this infection really soon, and Praise God for your caregiver!!!:))


  3. Wow, Isaac is over half the length of his Daddy!!! What are you feeding that boy? Looks like he is keeping Dad Strong though.:o)
    I guess I like the change in the weather but would prefer 60’s. I don’t have enough layers, and What is a Winter Coat anyway? I always think I have one, until it gets really cold.
    My winter coat consist of three sweaters and a wind breaker!!! Guess I am a real Floridian. It’s no wonder we all get sick every year when the weather changes.
    Take care, get well soon and hugs to you all.


  4. Patricia, we are feeding that boy veggie juice!!! :oD Several ounces every day! He even turned a little orange from the carrots – LOL! He is doing well and feeling well, still has some days when the seizures overtake, but not every day – and we will be thankful for that! 🙂 Thanks so much for commenting – I love to hear from you, dear Sister! 🙂


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