Thoughtful Thursday

Today I am thinking about the following:

  • I am so excited that my Christmas cactus is getting ready to bloom! 
  • AND I just remembered that we potted three different colors in the planter last summer, so it will be blooming red, hot pink and lavendar!
  • How can my dog be so smart and act like such an idiot all on the same day?


  • I wonder if my brother, Phillip, got safely home from work last night.  EDIT:  yes, he did! PTL!
  • I won a gift certificate for Olive Garden from our radio station's Christmas giveaway contest last night!  YAY!
  • what kind of Christmas bonus can you give to the caregiver who gets down on the floor to vacuum the dog hair from underneath the bed???
  • why is Isaac having so many seizures this week?
  • I am so tickled that we got a box of new videos for Isaac last night – some fun Disney ones, some new Christmas ones and even a Bugs Bunny! 😉
  • SO thankful to see God answering prayers in my friends' lives this week!
  • what in the world am I going to buy for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas???


  • Looking forward to Doug's staff luncheon tomorrow!
  • cannot wait for the Straight No Chaser concert next Tuesday!  Squeeeeee…!!!

Well, my brain is pretty busy with even more stuff, but I think I will post this while I can.  I had the whole post almost finished and my browser crashed!  So, this is the recreated version.  I know I forgot some of the first one…oh, well!  If I don't think those thoughts again, they must not have been very important, right?


2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. Oh~ Christmas Cactus! Those are so pretty!! We had one all my growing up years, but any I try to grow die.
    Seizures… Isaac is having sympathy seizures for Josh? OR they have been on line chatting again and decided to see if their mamas catch on?
    YAY for gift certificates and new videos and safe travel.
    WOOHOO that you are feeling good enough to blog. Praying this post means that you have that nasty bug on the run!!
    Hugs & Prayers girl friend!


  2. Your dog is so cute!!! ugh, the dog hair though, it’s crazy isn’t it? Bless your caregiver!!! Here’s a thought…you could give the Olive Garden gift card to her, or to your brother for Christmas!
    I love Christmas cactus, you will have to post a pic when they bloom! I don’t have one anymore either, somewhere along the lines in one of our moves I gave it away.
    Glad you are feeling better and I hope it has warmed up over there!


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