The Concert

While I could blog about my Straight No Chaser concert experience, my cousin Joy did such a fabulous job over at Case Crossings that I thought I would just link to that.

Case Crossings

I will add that the 2 songs that made the whole night totally worth it were "Carol of the Bells" and "O Holy Night".  The first one was just incredibly awesome – hearing voices "ringing" throughout the entire song, while other voices sang the words was unbelievably beautiful.

"O Holy Night" was their 2nd encore (yes, we were a rowdy group in Tampa last night!), and they sang it sans microphones or earpieces right on the front edge of the stage.

Had I s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out my hand and one of them reached out at the same time, we could've shaken hands – we were that close.  So, imagine the sound of that last song, right in front of me.

That was pretty close to "absolutely perfect" for this music lover.

Now, go read Joy's post.  You'll see my picture (ha!) and Isaac's caregiver's too.  She is the one who introduced my brother to SNC, and she was his special guest last night. ;)  I was happy to have her along, so as not be the "fifth" wheel. 😉



P.S.  My other favorite song was "You're a Mean One, Mister Grinch".  The basses in this group are phenominal!!!

P.P.S  So…I guess I sorta blogged after all, didn't I????? hahahahaha…

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  1. lol, Corin. I thought of Dani…there were several there w/o wedding bands. 😉 AND I knew she and your mom and you would have totally LOVED the experience. 🙂


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