Thoughtful Thursday

Our Pastor reminded us last night that even though Christmas is a time of year that is certainly beautiful, the birth of our Saviour was not a scene of beauty.

Jesus left unimaginable glory and splendor to enter a filthy, stinking stable filled with dirty animals and their refuse.  He entered a world of sin and pain and suffering.

While we understand the need to celebrate the glory of Christ's coming, let's remember why He came:  He was born to die a horrific death on the cross of Calvary, to shed His blood for the forgiveness of my sins.

The real beauty of the story is in His sacrifice and in the miracle that occurred on the third day following His crucifixion.  He did not remain dead, decaying in another man's tomb.

He arose, triumphantly victorious over Hell, death and the grave!

The beauty of Christmas is that it led to the Cross.

Let's celebrate His birth by rejoicing in His death and resurrection, and the resulting salvation that is available to us.

Merry Christmas, because of His great love!