Thankful on Tuesday


  • that Isaac's caregiver was able to come for a few hours today, even though it is usually her day off.
  • for faithful friends.
  • for the rain that is headed our way, and praying that the weather will not be too severe.
  • that my mom's dryer is working, even though mine died today.
  • for the lovely breeze while I took my walk this morning.
  • that I was able to go for a walk two days in a row!
  • for the stabilizing effect of the Scripture on my emotions.
  • that I found a box of new "old" toys out on the porch, and that Isaac is enjoying them immensely.
  • for air poppers, popcorn, salt, coconut oil and nutritional yeast – yummy snack!!!
  • for weather radios.
  • that our pastor will be celebrating his 40th anniversary at our church this Sunday.  We will be having a huge service, hoping to break our record from last year, and will be having an exciting, wonderful, FUN party for all the children and for all the young at heart, too, after the service!

I encourage you to find a few things for which to be thankful today.  It's amazing what that gratitude will do for your attitude and perspective.




2 thoughts on “Thankful on Tuesday

  1. I agree with Laura…WOOHOO on the walking!!!
    ugh sorry your dryer died, not fun.
    It is amazing how healing God’s word is to our souls though isn’t it?


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