Focused Friday: The Short List and The Long View

This is the short list:

  1. My laptop is still being worked on.  I believe the technical term is "mostly dead".
  2. My dryer motor is dead.  Or the capacitor is dead.  Either way, it isn't working.
  3. Isaac's caregiver and I just had a CODE BROWN diaper that defies description, so I won't even try.  Suffice it to say that even the floor had to be steam mopped when all was said and done.
  4. The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous all week, and promises to continue through the weekend.
  5. I have completed Day #4 of my walking venture.  I encountered a loose dog in the neighborhood, but I did my best Dog Whisperer impersonation "Chhhh—CHHH!" and thumped my walking "stick" on the road with each step I took.  He actually tucked his tail and went home. 🙂
  6. We have a movie to watch with Isaac tonight – "Despicable Me".  I've heard that it's really cute.  I'll let you know what we think.
  7. I'm singing at our senior citizen's get-together tomorrow morning.  I always enjoy being with them, and am really looking forward to it.

This is the long view:

Doesn't it seems like life is just an unending trail of twists, turns, valleys, mountain peaks, dark shadows and brilliant sunlight?

I don't know about you, but all those petty annoyances really suck all the fun right out of my day sometimes.  It's easy to overlook the blessings, the small joys, the chances for ministring to others when I am focused on "all" the things that are going wrong.

That's why I like these bullet posts on days that I would be hard-put to write an uplifting post.  At first glimpse my day would seem mostly negatives, with very few positives.  When I start my list, though, I cannot, in good conscience, just list all the "bad" stuff.  I know my God better than that; and I know He won't give me more than I can bear.

When I look long enough, I will find things for which to be thankful.  Some days, I have to look longer than others — that is very true.  However, eventually, the blessings come to the surface and I find my "happy face" again.

So, while I am in this place that seems a little darker than usual and a little more "negative" than I prefer, I will keep my spirit focused to actively look for the good, for the positive, for the blessings.  I know they were each placed in my day by my loving Heavenly Father.

That is enough to make me truly grateful.


One thought on “Focused Friday: The Short List and The Long View

  1. Bummer about the dryer and the laptop! ARG! I do hope you can get them “fixed” or a new set, or something!!
    Yay for walking and Yay for success with the dog whisperer technique! LOL
    Once again, I am blessed by your always thankful spirit, no matter the circumstances!


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