Thankful on Tuesday

Well, our (virus-crippled) desktop decided to work this afternoon, and the keyboard is working, too; so I thought that a "thankful" post was in order. 🙂

My dad has our dryer taken apart in about 20 pieces and is working on the motor.  Yay!

Our friend is sending us a laptop and a desktop computer today, so that we will have working computers.  He is also going to persevere in removing my information from my laptop, so that not all will be lost. 

Our other friend tried everything he knew to get it back up and running, but to no avail.  I am truly not greiving about the laptop; but being able to reclaim my documents, spreadsheets and photos would be a real blessing.

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous again!  This was Day #5 of my walking.  I walked about 10 minutes longer today, while keeping my pace the same.  It was a good walk. 

I started this walking venture with some particular goals in mind, so I've decided to call my new project "Walking for Peace".  I feel the Lord doing a specific work in my heart, and I am using my time to think about and pray for others. 

I have found a yummy smoothie that I enjoy after my walks.  You will find the recipe on the Hallelujah Acres website:  Flax Max Breakfast Smoothie

(Don't let the odd ingredients throw you – it is yumm-O!!!  I do substitute flax seed for the B-Flax-D, and use honey instead of molasses, simply because we don't have those things on hand.)

Isaac is doing well.  He has slept every night through, except one, for the past 2 weeks.  Whew — that is really something to be thankful for, isn't it?!!

Doug, Isaac and I enjoyed our time with our church's "Senior Patriots" on Saturday.  We had wonderful fellowship, humorous stories, beautiful music, a stirring message and a delicious meal.  I'm thinking that I will enjoy doing that every Saturday when the time comes that I am old enough to join. ;o)

Our Anniversary Sunday was a huge success.  Our final attendance count for our local Sunday service was 2993.  We also had services going around the globe, with missionaries and children's homes, in honor of our pastor's 40th anniversary with our church.

The decisions for salvation numbered 300+ which is really mind-boggling.  Only the Holy Spirit can work in hearts like that.  You read stories of it in the New Testament; but often we think that the miracles of the Bible no longer happen today.  However, we serve the same God Who performed those miracles.  Why wouldn't He do them again??? 

One of the greatest personal challenges for me is the prayer time preceeding our special day.  From Wednesday night to Sunday morning, the folks of our church sign up to pray for the service.  The prayer time literally continues around the clock.  I signed up for some late night (early morning) time slots, since Isaac is often awake at that time of night.  Of course, he decided to sleep through those night. LOL!  So, I had to set my clock to wake up to pray.  It wasn't easy, and I think that only the LORD Himself knows exactly what I prayed about during those sessions; but I woke up the next mornings refreshed and encouraged in the Lord.

I leave you with the only decent picture I have taken in several weeks.  The men of our church drove their classic cars in yesterday, and they were just gorgeous.  I got a picture of my pastor's car, that he has been restoring for many, many years.  She's a beaut, isn't she?


That's a Studebaker Hawk.  I apologize that I didn't catch the year.  I'm a girl, what can I say?  I just don't pay attention to details like that! 😉

I guess that's it for my "thankful" post.  I hope to be here more often, once we get these loaner computers up and running at our house.



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  1. Great to hear from you again! Wonderful news on the computer coming, sleep, walking, and those being saved!!!


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