Managing My Mondays

Managing my Monday took me out of the house today!

Isaac's caregiver held down things on the homefront, doing some laundry and dishes, making our carrot juice for the next few days, feeding and caring for Isaac and giving Newton (the dog) his treats when he went potty.  I am so blessed that my caregiver likes my pets!  She even gives Poppet (the bird) a treat when Newton gets one. 🙂

I hit the road with my mom this morning around 11:00.  We drove to Michael's so that I could pick up some beading wire to finish my current jewelry project.  While there, I was able to take advantage of a sale on some silver plated components.  Yay!

Next, we stopped at the grocery store.  My mom usually shops at the Publix in town, which is located south of our house.  Doug and I tend to shop at the Publix that is to our north.  Since we traveled north to go to Michael's, Mama shopped at a "new" Publix today.  We only had to backtrack for a couple of things, and their inventory is slightly different; but all in all, I don't think it was too difficult.

After we got home, I laid down on an ice pack for about 45 minutes before I took a trip to my chiropractor.  Whew — I was in bad shape today.  I was in quite a bit of pain before we did our shopping trip, so by the time we were done, I was truly miserable.

The chiropractor worked her magic, gave me a lecture and sent me on my way.  (And I totally deserved the lecture, so I didn't even mind very much!)

Now this evening, my management is confined to whatever I can accomplish from a semi-reclined position here in my room.  I ordered some pillowcases for my bed, shopped for Gospel tracts online, made a pillow and blogged.  A little later, I plan to participate in my online Bible study, shop for a phone for my hubby and catch up on Facebook.  (You have got to love technology, right?!!)

So, Monday has passed quickly, if painfully; and thankfully, once again, my God has been faithful to meet my every need.  Praise the Lord for His goodness to me.




3 thoughts on “Managing My Mondays

  1. Other than the ouchie (back?) your day sounds lovely!!!
    Yay for jewelry making supplies, and some groceries and just some time out with mom !:)


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