Today’s Necessities

They say that

"Necessity is the mother of invention."

This proved to be quite true in my house, today.

I have a handy little device.  I call it my "grabber."  I believe it's actual name is the "Pikstik".  You can find it below at Amazon.

I have been using mine every day this week.  It is painful to do any bending, and even reaching to the side or above my head is causing me trouble.  So the grabber is proving to be very helpful.

The problem I'm having is carrying the grabber everywhere I go in the house.  It's rather long and if I carry it under my arm, I whack stuff  – knickknacks, pets, windows…you know, important stuff that shouldn't be "whacked"! 

I was also having the problem of carrying everything I needed and the grabber to my next destination.

Today, I came upon a beautiful solution.  I rummaged through my old purses, and found a detatchable purse strap with two snaps.  I ran the strap through the hole in the top of the grabber handle, and it worked wonderfully.


I strap it across my torso, so that it hangs under my arm, clear of knickknacks, but handy if I need it.

Here's a close-up of the strap:


Now, if I could just figure out a way to carry my smartphone through the house in a similar manner, I would be one happy camper. 

(I know they crochet and knit little pockets for cell phones, but just the thought of scratchy yarn touching my neck all day gives me the heebie-jeebies!)

I'm seriously considering cutting up a pair of my hubbies old jeans, and seeing what I can do with the glue gun.  I can always add a few sequins or crystals to it!  Ooooo…and maybe one in leather would be nice, too!

Have you seen anything like this for a cell phone?  I'd love for you to let me know if you have.  It would save me time, energy and burned fingertips, if someone else has already created this invention.


Oh, and one more little "invention" I have made in the past, and just updated this week:

I use storebought table napkins to make throw pillows for my bed!  I just pick out a set of two, in whatever color I need; sew them together; stuff with fiber fill; and throw it on the bed.

The first one I made, I think I used the glue gun.  (If case you haven't guessed, it is my favorite go-to tool for crafting!)  The second one, I used a very tight whip-stitch by hand in a slightly darker thread.  It made a nice contrast, and lasted for years.  This last pillow, I sort of cheated:  I had my mom whip it up on her sewing machine.  

However you choose to sew them together is fine.  They are already hemmed and make a nice square pillow, perfect for adding a little contrast to your bed, or to use in the living room on the sofa.

You could add ribbon or fringe to decorate, if you wish.  I have done both.  Your only limitation is your imagination.

So, has a necessity at your house led to an invention???  I'd love to hear about it in your comments!




7 thoughts on “Today’s Necessities

  1. Do you wear pants or skirts with belt loops? Several years ago I crocheted a cell phone pocket with a loop that you put through your belt loop and then button back on to itself. It worked perfectly for me at the time. You could also loop it’s loop through your purse strap on your grabber!


  2. DCR creations carrries thec ell phone cases, though I haven’t bought one for my iphone yet!
    I bought a grabber from Lowes in December of ’09, after my neck surgery to reach into our dryer to get clothes. I use it now for things I can’t reach that are lightweight, and also things that have fallen behind the dryer!
    I definitely like the idea of using a dishtowel and sewing it up and stuffing it—I did that by hand when I didn’t have a working sewing machine —definitely made a great small pillow just perfect to rest an arm on when in bed. I’m actually aiming to make a couple of pillows for my knees out of some of my more colorful scrub tops that I don’t wear to work(old ones of course!).
    Alesha, is is just your back giving you pain, or has your fibromyalgia come back?
    Hugs to you!


  3. well, that’s part of the issue, Dani…none of my clothes have belt loops! =) I don’t wear belts at all, and almost everything I own has an elastic waist and NO pockets!
    I DO like the idea of sliding the loop onto my grabber’s strap! That would work! I also like the ones Barb linked to in her comment. Maybe they would make me a custom strap that was longer. Hmmm…much to think on. =))


  4. Ooooo…thanks for the link, Barb! Those are cute. I think I might see if they would make me a longer strap…that would totally work.
    Yes, the issue is my back. Due to oddly-fluctuating hormones, my lower back, specifically my SI joints become very unstable. That causes a world of pain, and lots of things go “out”. My chiro is my best friend at this point. I try to avoid the pain pills and muscle relaxers if at all possible!


  5. What? no pics of the pillows you made??? 😉
    I love your grabber, that is so useful and quite hilarious too, but I am sorry you are hurting 😦
    I love a resourceful woman, kinda like McGuiver! (spelling?) hee hee


  6. K, I’m afraid that a pic of my *black* pillow would be extremely anticlimactic! LOL!!! I tell you what — I am waiting for one set of pillow shams to come in. When they get here, I will get a pic of my “new” bed ensemble, with my little square pillow included. That will be a much more exciting picture! =)


  7. That grabber is very useful. With that, you’d be able to reach things without straining your back. Aside from that, we can also have long brooms and hooks with long handles for cleaning hard-to-reach ceilings and for picking out fruits from trees.


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