This is What Happens…

…when you follow that time-honored advice,

"Don't try to create something that your customers will like.  Make something that you like.  Your customers will like it too."

I made this:


and I like it so well, I can't sell it!!!


It's that one stone that does me in!  If it were only the copper disks, rings, hook and wooden bead, I could let it go; but that one brownish-green stone simply has a hold on me.

Maybe this is my new "Precious"!!!


Ok, enough monkeying around…time for bed.

I pray you make it to the Lord's house tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “This is What Happens…

  1. oohhh it IS gorgeous Alesha!!! Maybe you could make another one to sell? I am sure it would!!!!


  2. I only bought one set of the copper disks, Karen. They were a bit pricey, so I limited myself. Now I wish I had gotten at least 2 sets. =)


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