Foto Friday

Until recently, I had never watched Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

I know, it's astonishing, isn't it?

I decided to devote a Saturday to this movie.  Ok, not really, but since I just watched bits of it in between everything else I did that day, it sort of took up the whole day to watch it.  It was interesting.  I will be watching the sequels when they come up in my Netflix queue.

I watched the movie on Saturday.  I received an email the very next day, saying that my Kindle had shipped.  It arrived a few days later.

So, is it any wonder that I have walked around the last couple of weeks saying,

"Precious…My Precious!"?

DSCN1843(So NOT very far from the truth at all…I adore my Kindle!!!)

I promised K a picture of the pillow I made from the table napkins.  I thought I'd just let you see my whole new bedroom ensemble. 


The color is very tricky.  It was called "silver" in the online description.  I think of it more as a "grey".  Ike's caregiver called it "green".  No doubt, if I ask Doug, he'd say something else entirely.  But it goes well with the black curtains I already had.  I bought the bed skirt and large pillow shams in black, and then added my cute little black pillow as an accent.  I like it.  It's very tidy when I walk in my room. :)  Here's a better view of the design of the quilting.  You can click to make it bigger.


(You can really see the shimmer here, when I used the flash.)

Now, I know this picture isn't entirely self-explanatory, since the words wrap around the jar just a little too far, but this is my "Leather Couch Fund"!

If you've ever watched the Dave Ramsey dvds, you'll know he talks about buying a leather couch quite a bit.  He uses it as a comic relief bit, but the truth is that I really want a leather couch!!!

Since we are doing Dave's Financial Peace University via the dvds, I know that I can't just run out and buy one.  I must SAVE my money, pay off my debt, then SAVE my money again and pay cash for that sofa!  So…I thought I might as well get a head start.  I'm putting all my change in the little jar.


(You'll notice, I'm also back to clipping coupons…every little bit helps, right?!!)

…and simply because a couple people asked, here's a pic of my hair cut…nothing new, just long overdue!  This is my "hey, it's still really early in the morning, and I am tired and I am not putting on make up just to take this picture for the blog" picture.  This was the smallest size I could manage.  It's clickable, but really…why would you?


I pray you have a wonderful weekend!  And I am really tickled that you came here to read my blog today.  Thank You! =)


8 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. I clicked it! Your hair style looks so good on you. I love it when my hair has just been trimmed and highlighted, such a nice feeling. My hairdresser (my Dad) always does such a nice job too 😉
    Oh yes, Dave Ramsey. We just watched his budgeting video. He’s entertaining yet so good, his stories help cement things in your mind. Our favorite thing to do is yell out “The pizza man is here! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!!”. Can’t wait for the day when I read your blog post about your new leather couch!
    Your new bed set is very nice. I love it with the black accents, so spiffy!


  2. Dani, Doug’s favorite thing is to tell “Cheetah!!!” when he sees a credit card commercial on tv! LOL!!! If you haven’t got to that dvd yet, hang on, it’s fabulous! =)
    (that’s super cool that your dad is your hairdresser, but wow – that sets the bar pretty high for any other guy, huh?) 😉


  3. Looking at the 2 pics of your bedset, I can see the color difference. “Silver” is a color that does change from differenc angles. It’s very pretty!
    Love the “leather couch” fund jar!! Go GIRL!!!!
    YAY for your new “precious”. I am so tempted… maybe I should start a “kindle” fund jar? Actually, I am debating between a kindle and an ipad. If money just grew on trees!
    Have a wonderful day.


  4. Oooohhh your pillow is cute and well done! I would have never guessed it was made from napkins! Your bedset is so lovely too…I really like it! 🙂
    So glad you are loving your new kindle! I still think I prefer actual books 😉 but I could be talked into an ipad!
    Your hair is so cute:)


  5. I am really enjoying reading books on Jerry’s ipad. We have a kindle app for it. Problem is getting my hands on it ’cause Jerry always has it.


  6. Laura, my friend has both the Kindle and the iPad2. It has the Kindle app, of course, and she says it will do the double-page spread, just like a book. BUT she still prefers the Kindle screen for reading. The screen is really magnificent. There is NO glare, no distortion, it is very clear. Even smears are virtually invisible. My sister-in-law takes hers to the beach, no problem. The cost of the Kindle, even if you get 3G is much cheaper than the iPad; but the iPad can do so much more. I think if I could do the Kindle in the short term, and the iPad later, I would SO do that! =) Not trying to “enable” you, of course!!! LOL!!!


  7. Ooooooooo, I love my Kindle, too! I didn’t think it was something I’d ever want and enjoy, but I do, I do, I really, really do love it. I still love books, too, but the Kindle is great.
    We’re enjoying Dave Ramsey’s FPU DVDs, too. As Dani mentioned, we enjoy quoting his “It’s an emergency” line often. Will has outgrown yet another pair of shoes and we’ve enjoyed saying “The kid grew. Who knew? It’s an emergency!”


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