Managing My Mondays

Today's "managing" included the following:

  • Preparing Isaac's caregiver's "to-do" list and texting it to her email address
  • Giving Ike his 9 a.m. feed and meds
  • Uncovering the bird, and giving him a "treeeeat" (that's the way he asks for a peanut)
  • Taking the dog out – again!
  • Doing my Pilates (made it further in the dvd this morning – yay, progress!)
  • Editing some past blog posts for future use
  • Making lunch for my hubby and me
  • Calling in Isaac's prescription refills.  He needs 3 of them today, but only one could be done over the phone.  I had the other prescriptions in his "Isaac Notebook", so I pulled those out for Doug to drop off when he picks up the one that will be ready this evening.
  • Emailing to check on Isaac's new carseat.  It has been approved – thank you, Jesus!!! 
  • Making a phone call, and sending 2 more emails to see if it can be ready for his therapy session next Tuesday.
  • Shaking my head in amazement that his carseat cost over $1,000!
  • Ordering this month's incontinence supplies for Isaac
  • Preparing Ike's last medication and incontinence supplies receipts for mailing in order to get our reimbursement (in order to buy the next month's meds, diapers and wipes)
  • Filling up my vitamin container for the next week.  (I would have filled Doug's too, but I discovered that it was not empty!  Someone has not been taking his vitamins!!!)
  • Preparing supper:  baked potatoes with vegetarian chili, and fresh asparagus (by way of full disclosure, the chili is store-bought and frozen) ;-p
  • Meeting Isaac's needs from 3-5:30 or so, when Doug comes home.

I'm sure I'll fit a few more things into the day before it is over, like commenting on Facebook or watching our next Dave Ramsey dvd. 

I might also work a bit on my coupons for this week…my grocery store's sales end on Wednesday and I think I might need to pick up some more Garden Salsa Sunchips while they are on sale AND while I have a great coupon!!! ;o)  I have just discovered them and they are my new favorite thing!!!

I hope your Monday went well, and that you feel like you managed it, rather than feeling like you were mismanaged by your Monday. 

Remember – it's just another day in the week!  No need to panic if it didn't go quite according to your plan.  God's mercies are new every morning, and when you wake up tomorrow, you will have exactly what you need for Tuesday!

Until then, rest in His everlasting, unflinching, evermerciful love for you today!