Thankful on Tuesday

 - Today I am thankful for all the nights that Isaac sleeps through the night.  (When you have a night when he doesn't sleep, it tends to make you grateful for the nights that he does sleep.)

 - Today I am thankful that we didn't plan to take Isaac to therapy today.  He would have been one miserable pup! 

 - Today I am thankful that we are getting our headlight on the truck fixed, and that during the past 2 months that it was out, we did not get a ticket.

 - Today I am thankful for quiet days at home with the men in my life…especially when they get along so well together.


 - Today I am thankful for you, too. :)  Thanks for stopping by…I really appreciate it.

 - Today, what are you thankful for?



5 thoughts on “Thankful on Tuesday

  1. I too, love the pic of your guys together.
    You are truly blessed.
    I ma doing a money post…you have been so inspiring to me. I may need your expertise. I am not fugal-by-nature.


  2. Those sleepless night do make one thankful for the ones when sleep happens. Thanks for the reminder ;o)
    Great list – thanks!!


  3. Additional thankfulness – my computer allowing me to actually look @ your site AND comment without locking up :o)


  4. I was a little concerned about that, too…was wondering if something was “working” on my blog that shouldn’t be. I don’t have music players or anything like that! I was feeling a little paranoid. SO GLAD you were able to comment today…that makes me feel better. 🙂


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