Why I Love My Daddy By Isaac

These are some of the reasons that I love my Daddy:

  • My Daddy gets up every morning to give me my morning meds at 5 a.m.  He tries to be very quiet so he doesn't wake me up.
  • Then he goes to work at 6 a.m., four days of the week, and works until 5 p.m.
  • He works those hours so that he can drive me to therapy every week: 4 hours of driving and 3 hours of therapy, every Tuesday.
  • He participates in my therapies, tells the therapists how I am doing, and learns new things to help me at home.
  • On therapy days, he calls up his friend who is disabled and vitually housebound, to see what things we can get him from the store.  We go get his groceries and then deliver them and visit a while before we head back home.
  • My Daddy does all my bathing in the shower.  He is the only one strong enough to carry me in there.  We have fun playing in the water and making a mess of the bathroom floor.
  • He gives me my supper every evening, and my bedtime meds.  He changes me into my pajamas and tucks me in.
  • My Daddy takes me to church on Sunday.  He gets my wheelchair in and out of the truck so that I can sit in Junior Church with Ms. Robyn and the other children.  I really enjoy the preaching and the REALLY LOUD singing!  On days that Ms. Robyn can't sit with me, my Daddy stays with me.
  • My Daddy can change my diapers (even the really bad ones).  He can measure out all my meds, feed me with my g-tube, administer nebulizer treatments, and keep track of my seizures.
  • He knows which videos are my favorites and when I want a different one.
  • He talks to doctors and nurses, equipment reps, therapists, and medical supply staff to get me the care, equipment and supplies that I need.
  • My Daddy can do laundry, cook a meal, clean, do dishes, and sweep floors when he needs to.  He goes to the grocery store and uses coupons to help us save money.
  • He picks up all my meds at the drug store and makes sure they are the right strength and the right number of pills.
  • My Daddy reads me books and tickles me and does therapy with me and makes me laugh a lot.
  • He encourages me to try harder, to work for my goals and to be obedient.
  • He corrects me when I disobey, and won't let me pitch a fit when I don't get my way, even though he really doesn't like to do that.
  • My Daddy kisses me and hugs me and carries me on his shoulders whereever I go.
  • He tells me he loves me every day – usually several times a day.  He tells me about Jesus and he prays with me.  He talks to me like I understand every word he is saying.

My Daddy is the best dad in the world.  I am thankful for him, and I love him very much.




2 thoughts on “Why I Love My Daddy By Isaac

  1. Good job Isaac! You have a special daddy. I hope my daddy & your daddy can meet some day, cause my daddy is really special too. BTW ~ this comment says it’s from my mommy, but it’s really from me, Josh.
    pssst… don’t tell, but I’ll try to get on the computer later. If you can get on, then we can plot some mischief!


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