Foto Friday



Our church's Junior Week of Camp was this week.  The tabernacle was fabulously decorated for their theme of "Knights of Nobility, Knights of Knowledge."  I wasn't able to go out (Isaac's wheelchair does not exactly roll in Florida sand! lol!); but my cousin Joy did a post about it.  You can check it out here:  Case Crossings.

This is the same camp where I spent a few weeks every summer as a child, a teen and, later, as a counselor.  Camp Glory holds many precious memories for me, especially memories of seeing God's hand at work among us while we were there.  This week was no exception – with boys and girls being saved and learning about the Lord and His Word.


  I had lovely lunch out with Doug and Isaac yesterday (after a doctor's visit for Isaac), and this yummy peach tea was SO tasty after being out in the near-100* temperatures.

I've been having some issues with my internet access this week.  We're trying to determine if it is the modem, or if it is our router.  I hope to have those issues settled by next week. 🙂

I pray you have a good weekend, and that, if you are able, you spend time in God's church, worshipping with your fellow believers.  I promise it will be a blessing to you to assemble yourself together with others who know the Lord and are seeking to please Him, too.



2 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. What a cool theme! Too bad you can’t get there with Isaac… wheelchairs and sand, just don’t work well together – bummer!!
    Glad you had a wonderful lunch date with your men. That tea looks wonderful… might need to make some on my side of the pond ;o) Let’s see, if you make some and I make some, we sit in front of your computers, provided we do the time zone calculations right we could have tea together… Maybe Karen could join the party. I sure wish we were all neighbors!!
    Love ya girl friend ;o)


  2. Oh yes count me in!!! :))
    What a cool camp! You are so right, the decor is awesome!! I bet the kids were thrilled.
    Have a very blessed Lord’s day tomorrow!


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