Continuing to Pray for Joshua in Japan


Our little friend, Joshua, is still in the hospital in Japan.  It seems his anti-seizure meds have played havoc with his bone marrow's blood production.

Scary stuff, yeah???

Here's Laura's latest blog:

Update Day 3


Isaac is still sleeping each night.  Whoo Hoo!!!  We are really grateful for this turn of events!

Doug is excited to be attending a Teachers' Conference today and tomorrow.  He loves the fellowship, the sessions and the teaching on teaching!  I told my friend he was as excited as a 3rd grader on Field Trip Day! 🙂

My back is continuing to mend slowly.  I have started to walk a little each morning with a DVD, and it is making me very sore.  So I guess "slow and steady" will be the name of the game while I continue to heal.

I guess that's it for today.

Thanks for helping us pray for Josh!


One thought on “Continuing to Pray for Joshua in Japan

  1. Thanks for posting this about Joshy, the poor little guy! This is really scary stuff!!! We are praying for him!!!
    Also, YAY for sleep, and the conference and double WOOHOOO for your walking DVD!!! In the long run that is going to do WONDERS for your back! You go girl!!! :)))


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