Josh in Japan

Little Joshua is still incredibly ill.  Please keep praying for him!

Here's Laura's update from today:

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Keep in mind, as you pray for Laura and Josh, that they are in a Japanese hospital with Japanese doctors and nurses.  So Laura has to deal with a language issue when talking about all the medical information on Josh.  I'm sure the medical professionals speak some English, and Laura speaks Japanese; but it is still a complication that could be quite frustrating on top of everything else.

Also, remember that this family has gone through multiple earthquakes over the last couple of years, and they were also impacted by the tsunami several months ago.  They have a teenage girl at home, and a "tween" girl at home who are struggling to deal with their brother's illness now, too.  Not to mention the fact that Jerry and Laura both teach several English classes every week.

They truly need us to hold them up in prayer at this time.  God is there.  He is always near to comfort and guide them; but we need to be faithful to call out to Him on their behalf during this time of illness for Josh.

Thank you for caring and praying,