Asking You to Keep Praying for Joshua in Japan

I'd like to ask you to continue to pray for Joshua in Japan.

He has had several blood transfusions to try to regulate his platelets, and white and red blood cell counts, and they do help short term.  Unfortunately, his numbers start falling by the next day.  The doctors are working on several things, trying to find the culprit, and to see what will work for him.

You can read all of his mom's updates here:  Mom 2-4 Xanga

Just imagine yourself in their shoes and you will know how to pray.  I know his parents are getting tired.  They have no time to talk with each other.  There girls are just getting bits and pieces of parental attention.  They are worried.  Their jobs are taxing their energy.  They are getting very little sleep.  There is no time for laundry and grocery shopping and cooking.  It has been exhausting, and they still have no concrete answers.

Please pray for God to move in a miraculous way in the minds of the doctors and in Joshua's body, to find a cause, a remedy and a solution to this situation.

Thanks for praying,



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