Catching Up

We are having such nice weather right now, in the high 70's, low 80's – just gorgeous really.  We'll only have a bit of this, so we try to enjoy it while we can.

We're also getting lots of rain, which is so good for everything.  This summer was too dry, even for Florida.

I can't believe some of my friends are seeing snow already – that's just cRaZy!

Doug made a huge pot of vegetable soup on Saturday, and we are enjoying it so much with our fall-like weather.

My back went out again over the weekend.  I didn't "do" anything, it just sort of "went".  I was able to get to the chiropractor today, and will need to go back tomorrow. 

Our caregiver was sick, so Doug had to miss a day of work.  That is the thing that really "gets" to me when I'm stuck with a bad back – when I can't care for my child and my home the way I need to. 

However, I thank the Lord often for the fact that our church streams its services live.  I was able to "be" at both the morning and evening services. 

The sermon on Sunday night, from our senior pastor, was just what my troubled soul needed, too.  He gave us a great reminder to not follow in the footsteps of Thomas the Doubting Disciple; but to instead cry out to the Lord, as the father of the child possessed by devils did with tears, "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief."

So, I've been able to put that sermon into immediate practice as I've been dealing with a great deal of pain the past 2 days.  The Lord is so faithful to minister to me in my time of despair.  He is a good and gracious God to me.

Our little friend, Joshua in Japan, is still in the hospital; and his blood counts continue to drop.  The doctors continue to be confused as to the cause.  Laura and Jerry continue to try to manage family, work and hospital time.  It is difficult.  Please continue to pray!

I will share a specific answer to prayer for Laura, though.  She has been stuck eating "fast food" for most of the past 3 weeks, due to the demands on her very limited time.  However, over the weekend, on the Joshua's classmates parents brought her a basket of goodies that included fresh bread, fresh veggies and tuna.  What a wonderful treat for her!!!  What a thoughtful thing to do!  I am praying the Lord's blessings on that classmate's family! 🙂

That's it, I guess, for today's update.

Blessings to you,


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. So sorry about your back! ugh!!
    You always know how to stay positive though, and look to the bright side of things. :))
    Yay for rain down there!


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