Just Wanted to Share (Re-Post)

RE-POST from last January – because today, I found myself listening again to my favorite winter cd. 🙂
Winter Song

I am sitting here listening to a cd that is really soothing my spirit

(which is feeling wounded because I am sick again)

and calming my mind

(which is whirling because I drank an extra cup of coffee, hoping to be able to stay awake through the afternoon while Doug is at work.)

It is my absolute favorite cd for winter!



I would not like it for the spring, summer or fall.  To me, it fits only with the winter season. 

My ears need a little special "something" after all the Christmas music (which I adore), and I just feel like this music lifts me to Heavenly places again, but in a different way.

I love knowing that John Tesh is a Christian, and that his music is written to honor Christ.  I don't care for all of his music – different tastes for different folks, I guess; but this one is just gorgeous.

Do you have a favorite post-Christmas cd?

I'd love to hear about it.

Blessings to you,


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