Managing My Monday

It's the first Monday of the first month of a brand new year!

I'm not much on "New Year's resolutions", but I do love a time of new beginning.  I feel motivated to be more than I was yesterday, last month, last year.

Usually, with me, that's a nebulous concept.  I have a list (up in my head) of my life goals, and I aim toward those.

I've been impressed with my friends who sit down at the end of the year, and actually write out their goals for the next year.  I have never done that.  Perhaps it's something I will try this year.  I haven't decided yet.  (which means that I probably won't, but don't despair – there is always hope that I will decide before much of this new year slips away!)

I did decide to do something new today – something I have never done before. 

Two years ago, I invested in some popular, expensive mineral makeup.  I liked it just fine except for the price!.  Last year, I found a smaller company that sells an excellent product – a mineral makeup – with a much smaller price tag.  So I have switched almost completely over to their line of products.

However, I am still using the brushes from the popular brand makeup because they are so fabulous!!!  I'll let you do that math, though, when I admit that I have never cleaned those brushes.

So, for this first Monday of the first month of the new year – I decided to do just that!

Here are my results:







Side-by-side Comparison


I used a mild dish detergent with no scent (I didn't want to be brushing "Crisp Fresh Apple" into my pores every time I applied my makeup!) and warm water.  I shook them vigorously like I would have cleaned a paint brush, then brushed them back and forth on a thick towel to help them resume their shape.  I left them to air dry, which took a few hours.

I was very pleased with my results. I will certainly not be waiting so long to clean them again!

Happy New Year, my friends!  May your year be filled with new experiences that bring you great joy!


One thought on “Managing My Monday

  1. I’m with you on the list in my head. I did write out a list of goals few years ago as well as plans on how to attain them. The following year I found I had been pretty successful in meeting all of them. Did that motivate me to do the same the next year? Nope, I started to right them out and then let it slide and the list was never finished.
    I have a couple goals this year and am slowly writing them out, as well as how I’m going to meet them. A game plan is always nice to have 🙂
    Aren’t freshly washed make-up brushes wonderful?!?! I don’t wash mine as often as I should, maybe once a quarter. Maybe if I schedule a reminder on my calendar it will actually get done more often 🙂
    Happy new year, Alesha!


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