Resting the Body, Working the Mind

Oh my goodness.  We are such a sleepy bunch here at our house!

Isaac slept until after 10 a.m. yesterday, then – mercifully – slept all night too. Yay!

Doug came home from work and slept for several hours, as well.  Thankfully, Isaac was his angelic self and played quietly while Daddy slept.  Of course, the fact that we turned on his favorite radio station had a lot to do with his contentment! 🙂

I didn't actually sleep, but I was very happy to quietly watch videos on the computer all afternoon and evening too.  I was pretty convinced that, at some point in time, my head was going to explode due to the sinus pressure and barometric pressure combo, but it never did.  Secretly, I would have welcomed the relief! :o(

Doug and Ike are not going to try to go to therapy today.  We are all still dragging, and there is no need to push it.  Continuing to rest seems to be the best option.

I have been loading up on every supplement that I think will help me fight this cold: oregano, echinacea and vitamin C especially.  I am taking quadruple the usually dose of C and I really feel like it is helping.  It is not upsetting my stomach at all, so I just keep increasing the dose.  If my stomach can take it, I know it is certainly helping the rest of my system!




Newton the Magnificent


On a sad note, we are pretty certain that Newton (our 8-year-old Labradoodle) has some sort of growth on his spine.  We have been giving him supplements and he is moving around much better than he was, but he has developed a knot right on his backbone.  Since his movement is good, and he doesn't seem to be in pain, we are not pursuing a diagnosis at this time.  We'd appreciate your prayers for wisdom and peace, as quite honestly, we are having a hard time with this.

My devotions this morning were about "mortifying the deeds of the body" and "mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth" (Romans 8:13 and Colossians 3:5).  Not a popular subject on any day, but especially when I am sick and don't feel well!

Honestly, though, I could come up with that excuse all the time, because due to fibro, I always have "something" that hurts!  I know it is a work of the Holy Spirit when I can set aside my physical pain to do whatever task is before me.  That is something that I can almost never do on my own.  It is just too hard. 

Even though I often ignore my physical body and do what needs to be done, there are always other areas that still need work.  My mind is usually the most rebellious "member" that I have to work on!

  • Am I indulging in self-righteous thoughts? 
  • Am I harboring hatred toward anyone? 
  • Am I letting coveteousness to control my mind? 
  • Do I allow lustful thoughts to linger? 
  • Am I catering to self-pity?

So, even while I am taking it easy, due to illness, I can still work on strengthening my inner man through the obedience of my mind to the Word of God.

Today's word for me:  "Mortify".

(I've got a feeling it might be a l-o-o-o-n-g day!)