I Learned Something New


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So…it turns out that you can get too much Vitamin C in your system, without having the symptom of an upset tummy!!!  Isn't that interesting?

I was experiencing some odd symptoms, and so I checked in with my friendly Naturopath/Nurse Practitioner at Cross Natural Health.  Karen suggested that my system had become too acidic and I needed to back off on the Vitamin C. 

I followed her instructions, and within hours, my symptoms were dissipating! 

Ah…that is the benefit of dealing with someone who does Nutritional Counseling.  Karen helps me with my supplements, even during times of illness, so that I am taking in the optimal nutrients that my body needs.

You can check out her website by clicking the link above or the button down on the left side of my site.


I guess folks are not seeing my blogs on Facebook, since I am posting at a different time.  However, this is working for me right now, and I guess if folks wants to know how we're doing, eventually they will check back in and see that I'm doing better at blogging about that! šŸ˜‰


Well, I need to get to my coffee this morning, so I am going to cut this short!

Talk to you again tomorrow,



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  1. You know, I have only been giving the supplement to the “old man” Newton! And he is doing really, really well!!! But I guess I should give it to both of them, shouldn’t I??? Duh…


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