A Profitable Week

Wednesday night, I came home from church, and my hubby had these yummy roasted potatoes ready.


They were so delicious!  There was, however, just one catch:  he included crushed red pepper flakes in his seasonings.  They were so hot I could barely eat them!!!

So, we are planning to do them again, minus the atomic seasonings.

We picked our first cucumbers today!  So exciting! 


The long one is a Straight Eight and the short one is a pickling cucumber.  We also picked our first jalapeno pepper this week, and used it to make some delicious Mexican rice and refried beans.  Oh so yummy!!!

My gardenia is out-doing herself this year. 


This is her 5th blossom, I think, and she has 2 others as well.  She has never bloomed very much, so I am enjoying these gorgeous blooms so much.

Our tax return was finally approved and deposited.  It only took over 60 days!  Three times as long as they say it will take.  I'm thinking it was some glitch in the e-filing; but at least it was corrected eventually.

My sweet mother-in-law sent me a box of books this week. 


Does she know my language of love, or what?!  The exciting thing is that I can share them with my friends, too.  So fun.

Our church is doing something special for Father's Day this year.  They put up several bulletin boards in the back of the church, and everybody is bringing in pictures of their dads to put up.  It's been so fun to see the really old pictures of our church members, and the way they resemble their dads (or not!).

So, of course, we had to get a picture of Isaac's Daddy for the display.  We shot this on Wednesday afternoon, and were able to get it printed off and posted in the auditorium.  I really love it!


Well, it's been a good week.  I was able to order some supplements I needed today, thanks to that tax return.  I will also be able to buy some new bedsheets, which we are in desperate need of.  I'll let you know what kind of deal I find on those!

Praying you have a profitable weekend (by spending time in the Lord's House!),



8 thoughts on “A Profitable Week

  1. First off, is Mr. Alesha willing to share how long and hot he roasted those potatoes for? Sounds yummy and I know my hubby would love them!
    What an awesome picture of Mr.A and Ike! I really love it!
    God provides in amazing ways doesn’t He? Praising God for His provision for your family!


  2. I have to laugh…you complain of the red pepper flakes making the potatoes “atomic” hot; then you talk about using jalapenos!!!


  3. I know, Karen! It doesn’t make any sense, does it? But I’m telling you, those potatoes were “burning my lick off”, and the rice was as mild as it could be! Honest! I don’t know why it worked like that either! LOL!!!


  4. printed the recipe, the potatoes look so good! Those cukes would be great just sliced with a pinch of salt! I love the picture of Ike and Doug!


  5. Soooo, I decided NOT to wait for the recipe and to go ahead and make them for dinner that night you posted this blog. So I tossed some sliced potatoes with olive oil on a cookie sheet, sprinkled on some salt and pepper and then added crushed red pepper. I put them in at, I think, 450 maybe 425 for thirty minutes. Twenty minutes into it I see you’ve posted the recipe. I quickly read it and pop open the oven to sprinkle the potatoes with Italian seasoning. They were SO GOOD! I love ketchup with my potato wedges and we had an almost full bottle from a meatloaf Sean made a while back. So yummy! Sean started telling me that when I made burgers the next week that he wanted the potato wedges with them. Next time I’ll put the garlic in too. Thank you for sharing this recipe!


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