Chicken, Corn and Canteloupe

We had a good weekend, even though I was stuck at home with back pain.  Doug and Ike both made it to church and enjoyed their day together.  We splurged on our diet, because it was Father's Day.  Doug wanted fried chicken, so that is what we had. 😉

I had been shopping for bedsheets, and I mentioned on FB how confusing that whole process could be.  I did try to glean as much advice as I could before doing some online shopping.  However, something even better came along.  My friend was out shopping, came across sheets on clearance, and snapped up a set for me (regularly priced at $170!!!) for under $50!  I told her she was hired as my new personal assistant for sure!

I ended up with Martha Stewart sheets.  They are Egyptian cotton, and a 500 threadcount.  So far we are loving them.  They remind me of sleeping at my grandma's house.  Her sheets were also so crisp and smelled so wonderful! :)  Good memories.

Today I posted some books and jewelry on online yard sale groups on FB.  We'll see what comes of that, if anything.  Tomorrow, we are going to meet a lady that listed a skirt and sweater set for $10 in my sizes.  I hope it all fits, but if it doesn't, it will be good motivation to not have many "splurge" days, won't it?

My dad blessed us with some produce on Saturday.  He and Mama halved a bushel of corn with us and gave us a canteloupe too.  It was honestly one of the best-tasting cantaloupes I have ever had in my life!  Sugar-sweet. 

I tried to recreate my Mexican rice and refried beans recipe yesterday, so that I could take pictures and share it with you.  It was an EPIC FAIL. :(  The rice wouldn't cook, the beans were still crunchy, everything kept sticking.  Ugh!   So disappointing!  BUT, I do intend to try it again.  I will not let it conquer me.

I guess that's all that's happened since I blogged last.  These are turning into weekly posts, rather than daily; but I suppose that's ok.  No publishing companies beating down the door yet, anyway! Tee hee hee.

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One thought on “Chicken, Corn and Canteloupe

  1. Alesha,
    you’re on Pinterest, now we need to get o you on Instagram!!! I think that I’m following you on Pinterest! Instagram’s where you can follow others, comment and “like” pictures! You can share the food pic there, too! Glad that you were able to get a set of decent count sheets! 500 count’s not bad at all! Can’r wait to see the rice and beans when you get a picture taken of them! Weekly posts are better than no posts! I’m glad that you have some time to post about how you three are doing, and to read about your verses that you share with us all! Have a blessed day! Hugs!


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